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not that kind of curing, the kind where you can make sushi with the eggs. Some japanese fellow did that at work once and I flipped over salmon eggs.

Dudes, Buluga Caviar > Salmon egg Japanese stuff.

With cheese on top I guess!

speaking of duck hunting… oh my goodness I was creeped out at the site of these geese at a resort on Fraser Lake last weekend.

PS sorry the image is so huge!!

I almost go duck hunting every day


good times 8)

Oh…for a second I thought you did all the shooting…

Hey Tux, didn’t we ban that obese dancing kid from htmf last year?


Oh…for a second I thought you did all the shooting…[/quote]

I could never kill a creature with feathers.

Tha guy at the resort shure shut that dog from the game up.


I could never kill a creature with feathers.[/quote]

so what could you kill?

creatures with fins and scales :smiling_imp:

Here is one with huge fins:

mm that looks yummy

556 pounds.

I could probably handle eating roe on kelp if it wasn’t for the nasty slimy texture.

Aren’t fish tongues a lil small to be eating?


The things in the middle are cod tongues.

Mmm! I had one of those at a hotel/restaurant in Port Au Choix NFLD. Now are the fish capelin? Cause if they are smelt, they’re pretty beat up!

They are capelin. That’s all I know though, found the picture on google.