Ayjaye Loves Rudy, and compares him to Obama and Ghandi

The head is where you hit the nail


I agree, ajaye does work hard and takes allot of crap (literally) but we can’t fault him for having a job, obviously he does a good job or they would have let him go years ago. I do have to say a bit over optimistic at times but refreshing and not always doom and gloom.  Perhaps not a hero by definition but definitely not a drain on the city as others can be.

wooo Ajaye has a friend on here lmfao

Not commenting directly on ajaye’s job performance but if you think it’s EASY getting rid of a unionized city employee for poor work performance once they’ve passed their probation, I have a bridge to sell you…


  Agreed, they have the company by the balls at that point. And the Union will fight for them even if they are a piece of shit.

There is no need to say that,we take alot of abuse from dogs that cant
stop barking.

ajaye, no treats for you.

So much for calling yourself a hero though. I guess you need to go back to what you do best:

Customer Call Centre Representative.


yea thats not his job either  :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to move forward and do whats best for the city,cut cost and
work smarter.I’m no hero and do plan to be one what i am is a concerned
citizen of our town who cares about what happens to it,i have done well
and my family has alot to be thankful for prince Rupert has been good to us
everyone has there ups and downs lets be civil to each outher and find ways
to make our city a better place for everyone.

Muahahahahaha…  :evil:

I’m no hero and do plan to be one[/quote]

LMAO!!! How? How?  :smiley:

So whether one is needed or not, Rudy Kelly has been hired to replace Michael Curnes.

Not sure when he starts…

Hack sports writer to manager of recreation, Sweet.

Don’t forget “Award-winning Playwright”, morning show radio host, and director at Friendship House…he’s done a lot in the last couple decades.

Good qualifications to MANAGE A BUSINESS. That is what we are talking about, a business.

Well , not sure about the wage but I think that someone needs to be in charge, Calvin from the pool just can’t manage the water side let alone trying to make decsions for the civic centre. That said though it is not fiscally responsible at this time of cash crunch to make this sort of decision I think anyway.  Get rid of Rodin he can’t seem to answer many accounting questions well.  His idea of GAAP ( generally accepted accounting principles) are a bit off in my estimation.

Wow you must really not like Calvin even though he is working his ass to keep the place operational.  I guess he just sits on his ass and doesnt know anything.  I think i’ll go down to the Civic today and let him know that he should resign as well since he’s not needed.

I never said that … I think he is in over his head … he is good at managing the pool , not sure about the whole complex. That is my opinion based on some dealings I have had in the last while.

Sorry … I should have read what I typed in the first post,  Calvin manages the pool okay but the whole complex is too much for one person.

I have known Rudy since high school he is pro recreation and pro sports
and that’s what we need,Rudy will make things happen ,Calvin is good man
do not knock him he does not deserve that we have a good team and welcome
Rudy to our dept and hope the best for him as we move forward.


  I do not doubt Rudy’s passion for the the sport’s. I wonder If he has a business degree, a Masters in Business?. Has he ever ran a business this size with this many struggles. I am Pro-Dentist and Pro-CEO of a huge companies, it does not mean I deserve to run one. He must have known someone in the right place.