Attacked at royal bank

I just heard that a girl/woman got attacked and raped near the royal bank this morning…

Did anyone else hear anything?

Now i hear it was by the highliner
in that dip

Harsh, hope the security camera caught a good shot of the guy.


While at work, I overheard the radio saying “she was brutally assaulted, and a 31 year old man was indeed caught and being charged with aggrivated rape.”

So sad that this world is getting crazier by the minute, and now it’s hitting close to home in our lil hick towns.

And since we are once again gossiping, I gather everyone has heard about the suspicious death in Kitimat. There are plenty of rumours flying around. How ironic it was of her ex husband being killed a few days ago, by swerving into an oncoming tanker truck.
I was at a party the other night and some idiot piped up and said, “but she cheated on him.” I felt like slapping him for implying she deserved to die for possibly commiting adultery.

People these days. Lock your doors and don’t let your cats out at night.

People these days? Nah, people period. People 100 years ago were more violent.

People 20 years ago were more violent. But people have always been violent.

The “crime is getting worse” meme isn’t very accurate, especially for Canada. Maybe our perception of it is getting worse, but crime itself isn’t.

I see your point. However, I still think strange things are happening more often than usual.
It seems as though Northern BC has had a high murder rate in the last ten years, compared to 20 years ago.
Have u ever looked through archives? I have and BC was more at peace.
Drugs are now being used by children, violence used at elementaries, cartoons dipicting disfunctional adults, 13 yr olds having children with their teachers, rich people owning a giant amusement park in his backyard and being accused of molestation. Um yeah the world in general is much more crazier than before. Thanks to drugs, television, brainwashing, and terrible world leaders.

[quote=“Tootz”]I see your point. However, I still think strange things are happening more often than usual.
It seems as though Northern BC has had a high murder rate in the last ten years, compared to 20 years ago.[/quote]

The key word there is “seems”. There’s nothing new, it’s just you’re becoming more aware it.

Not really. Try living 50 years ago, much worse than today. Try 100 years ago, even worse.

That’s the irony of history, every generation thinks the world is getting worse. It’s the “in my day …” syndrome – everybody goes through it.

Canada’s homicide rate fell to a three-decade low last year, as fewer people were murdered in the entire country than in Chicago alone.

Police recorded 548 murders, or 1.73 for every of 100,000 Canada’s 31.6 million inhabitants, down from 582, or a rate of 1.86, in 2002, Statistics Canada said in Ottawa. Chicago, with a population of 2.87 million, had 598 murders in 2003, according to U.S. Department of Justice data.

Canada’s decline contrasts with murder trends in the U.S., where the number of reported homicides has risen for the past three years. The U.S. homicide rate was 5.69 in 2003, more than three times Canada’s.

About half of Canada’s decline in homicide rate can be explained by demographic changes that caused the share of young men in the population to fall, said Neil Boyd, a professor of criminology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. The rest is harder to explain and could be related to cultural changes, he said.

The number of homicides against children fell to its lowest in more than 25 years, at 33, and 50 fewer women were murdered than the year before. Gang-related murders almost doubled to 84, up from 45. A change in the way Toronto’s police force counts homicides explains the increase in gang-related murders, the Ottawa-based agency said.[/quote]

And if you’re up for some more reading:

Now ask yourself why you (and most of us) think that things are getting worse, when indisputable fact is that crime rates are decreasing?

That’s the interesting discussion.

Is it that we are watching more news? We are more aware? Or that TV news sensationalizes crime? Or are our social circles bigger, so that we are more likely to know more victims?

Are we all just growing up? Did we pay much attention when we were younger? Do we just remember our youth through rose-coloured glasses, so that compared to today, it was a lot better? Or did we even care about crime when we were younger?


And what was it 20 years ago?

Yes, the crime rate in BC is higher than in PEI. Yes, the crime rate in Northern BC is higher than in southern BC. But is it higher than it was 20 years ago?


You’re just playing with numbers hoshq, but I guess violent crime fear-mongering is to be expected from an American like you.

Statistics Canada says historically the crime rate is generally going up.

But hey, I was just adding another voice to the discussion. If you want to insult me and not offer anything to actually back up your claim, you go right ahead. You’re the boss.

No, you were de-railing the discussion in the way only you can.

The discussion was about whether the murder rate was higher now than it was in the past.

You decided to make it about Northern BC versus everywhere else.

But what do you know about Northern BC anyway, aren’t you an American?

Which is exactly “anything to back up my claim”. Stats Canada says, pretty plainly, that crime is at an all-time low.

“In 2001, Canada posted its lowest crime rate in 25 years with 7,655 incidents per 100,000 people.”

Statistics Canada does not say “that historically the crime rate is generally going up” – you do. First, statistics canada would never write such a horrible sentence, and second, that graph clearly shows that the rate is lower now than it was 20 years ago, and trending down.

If you have something productive to add, then great. But if you just want to de-rail the topic with your crazy American antics, then take it elsewhere.

But if you are going to post, then please have the decency to read the posts to which you are replying.

[quote=“MiG”]No, you were de-railing the discussion in the way only you can.

The discussion was about whether the murder rate was higher now than it was in the past.

You decided to make it about Northern BC versus everywhere else.

Actually, if you read the first post, it’s not about murder. It’s about violent crime in Prince Rupert, which I think does qualify as northern B.C.

Is it worse now than 20 years ago?


Is it worse now than 20 years ago?[/quote]

I’m sorry, I don’t have the statistics for that.

Back in the day, if you stepped on my farm, and I shot your ass, that would hardly even be a crime. I bet half that stuff didn’t even get reported.

Nowadays, there are probably jaywalkers in that list.

From all the old guy stories I’ve heard, things sounded crazier back in the day.

“Domestic” incidents weren’t classified as crimes, a lot of crimes were under- (and over-) reported.

Everything I know about crime statistics, I learned from a class with Elliot Leyton.

All crime stats are shit, since you can’t compare them – they’re all saying different things.

If you must compare violent crime stats, the only true comparable statistic is the murder rate. Murders tend to be reported. All the other stats (assaults, etc) are irrelevant since they’re not consistently reported (or classified). So if you want a general picture of violent crime, and you want to compare that picture to another place/time, use the murder rate.

Ditto for property crime – it’s all bullshit. What constitutes a property crime? Which crimes go reported and unreported? So for property crime, a good statistic is the auto theft rates (people tend to report their cars stolen), but even this one is a bit wonky sometimes.

So compare murder rates … it’s the one solid number we have.

You are being hypocritical when accusing HoshQ of “derailing” a discussion, I see you do this all the time. And why does it matter if HoshQ has dual citizenship? How is that relevant to this discussion? I always see the fact that he has American citizenship come up in our conversations and see no reason for it.
I bet your ancestors belong to another country too. So what are you saying? Anyone who doesn’t agree with your one sided newfie arguements should not voice their opinions or what? This place is getting dorkier by the day.

Oh and back to the original topic of discussion : If you think the world is getting better, you are only kidding yourself.