Are you getting Ripped Off?

Reading the paper and they have a audigy 2 for 349.95 limited quantities at creative. And its only 228.00 at

120.00 Difference

are you sure they’re the same audigy… theres about 5 different ones.

Yes Im sure

m-audio > audigy

Why would anyone buy a soundcard that expensive, at a store with a bad reputation for ripping people off?

I’d hope, that if someone is planning on spending over $200 on a card like that, that they would shop around a little bit first, and know they were being taken for a ride if the price was in-fact that much higher.

There’s 8 variations at my supplier - cheapest is $74.99 (Value) and the best bang for the buck (IMO) is the ZS 7.1 @ $137.99ish.

I think the NCIX one is the ZS 7.1 Platinum.

If you want the external faceplate, or the gamer package, or all the other bells and whistles, then of course you’ll pay a premium. My most expensive Aud2 is the ‘Platinum Pro’ at $289.99.

Just get the Audigy 4. At my price of $324.99, it’s cheaper than the… “ahem”… other guy’s Aud2. 8)

/end shameless plug

Are you open yet?


Whoa, have we seen this yet?

Have you looked at the price? The store on that site lists the 2gb nano for the same price as a 4gb mini.


Space isnt everything dude.

Yeah, their surveys and research shows that most people have less than 200 songs on their iPods, even those with huge ones.

I have a mini and a shuffle, and neither is full, which is weird.

I have a 6GB old-school Nomad, and it’s completely full. I need a new player… but as usual I can’t decide what to get.

If I were getting a new music player, it’d be a 20GB fullsize iPod, no doubts about it.

I dont see the Need for one. If im at work i wouldnt use it, if i was at home i would listen to my stereo, i have a cd player in my car, and if im out somewhere i hangin out with someone. When would I use it?

If you had a tape player (or 8 track!) in your car, would you “see the need” for a CD player?

Not if the industry put my favorite music on tapes/8 track… I have an 8 track player and I dont think I am old enough to :wink:

No it’s not. How about the fact then that along with 2gb less space you also get 4 hours less playing time from the batteries?


I have an RCA mp3 players that holds 512MB in the solid state built in… I havent had the need to use the upgrade card slot on it yet. In fact, I cant even remember the last time I used the player. I have at home, a 6 peice surround sound system, and I have a decent stereo in the truck with an MP3 cd player. so like bob, I dont have a neeed for an iPeice of garbarge, other than having it as a novilty like most people.

Every argument people make against using digital music players are pretty much the same arguments that people made against CDs, and cassettes.

There’s no need to use one if you don’t want to, no big deal. But it’s the future. How many songs were sold or downloaded online last year? I’d say a lot more than were sold on CDs.

If you had a bunch of records or 8-tracks or cassettes, you didn’t see the need (or advantages) of a CD player either, I’d bet.

But if you’ve never used an iPod, then you don’t know about the automagic features, like rendezvous sharing, automatic playlists, automatic podcasts, ratings, etc. Sure you may have no use for these things, but these things are why digital music players are the future, not CDs, not tapes, not 8-tracks.

Damn, and I was holding out for the return of the 8-tracks. I can still remember the player my parents had.