Are you getting Ripped Off?

I have never in my entire life, seen, handled, or listened to an 8-track.

[quote=“CrazyMike”]Are you open yet?


… almost.

We had a WORKING 8 track player in our livingroom until my mom got an actual mini-system 2 xmas’s ago. Although I never used the 8 track part of it, the built in radio was frequently on.

I need a digital player because I like to listen to music when I’m walking around. I can never decide what to listen to, and almost always go through at least 20+ songs on my 25 minute walk home from work. My music tastes change so much, it’s a lot easier to have a digital player, than lug around cds. They are also awesome for the car when you’re cruisin around and can make playlists on the fly.

…and she’s buy-yuy-ying a stairway to


there. now you know what you missed.

OH and cassettes. My fave was Pink Floyd’s MEDDLE. One side of the LP was an entire suite, it was three minutes longer than the other side of the LP. So the cheap bastards split the last 1 1/2 minutes of the tune onto the other side so you had to flip it over and they could save 1 1/18th of a cent worth of tape. Filesharing=REVENGE

Now this must be for portable audio right not home audio… ?

a cd will always sound better than DIGIAL audio… Compressed audio is compressed audio. a cd is good but a lp is better.

Listening live is better.

True… I agree on that one…