Apple Event September 7, 2022

We’re all getting old. No matter what model you have, you can always increase the “zoom level” and font size. My wife does the same. Text is bigger, icons are bigger, etc.

In Portuguese, we have a syndrome called “PDI” that we use to describe symptoms of getting old. Vision is one of them! “Puta Da Idade”

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So is there anything in iOS 16 really exciting?
My 10 says it’s ‘available’ but up to date with the 15.7.

The different lock screen options are cool, especially if you use iCloud photos. It picks out photos of places, people, etc, and rotates them on your Lock Screen. There’s also a bunch of new widgets you can use on your Lock Screen.

In fact, I’d say the biggest change is the amount of customization you can do on your lock and home screens is the biggest reason to upgrade.

But there’s a bunch of new stuff in messages, and the ability to copy-paste text from video is kinda insane. Like if you have a video that includes some text, you can literally just click it and copy-paste the text, or translate it, etc. There’s a bunch of new stuff in photos too, like the ability to just pick out a person from a photo and grab just the person, not the background, and copy-paste elsewhere.

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My 28 year old living in Ontario sent me a selfie on her new iPhone 14 amateur. I was impressed with the clarity of the image. Very cool.

Cool, I’ll upgrade tonight and play with it over the weekend!

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I upgraded my wife’s iPhone 8+ to 16.0.2 yesterday. I’m guessing that the unit is nearing the end of its software support cycle. A five year support cycle is wicked.

Anticipation! Flying to Vancouver today. Will be at the Apple Store tomorrow.

Do they have them in stock? Sometimes you can buy in advance and pick up at a store.

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No idea what they have on hand. If they’re out of units I’ll order online.

Was at the Apple Store in Richmond. Super busy in there. You’re right MiG. Not a lot of inventory to look at. Got my big mitts on the 14 and it is too small for my tired eyes. So I will be ordering the 14+ or the 14 Pro Max on-line. The 14 is a stunning phone.