Any Requests?

If you want pictures from almost any movie just go to the request page and send me an e-mail. Please read the minor rules first before e-mailing me. Even though my computer is out of commision at this moment in time, I already have tons of pictures, changes are I already have it. But on the off chance I don’t I will keep you e-mail until I can get the computer fixed and make them. All you need to do is go here:

sure dude…how bout some pr0n from the original pink ranger. she was hot!

Ok, if you noticed, tux, we weren’t replying to this guys thread so as not to entice him to come back, but no, you ruined it. Ruiner.

Just a thought, it does not have to be Power Rangers related, if you want any other kind of monster pic, request it. There is no limitation on the reqeust. My page is not just a Power Ranger page. It has Buffy, Johnny Sokko and Monster movies.


Speaking of Power Rangers pr0n, Orangetang, I’m stapling TPS reports right now, as we speak, with my new Red Swingline.

Busy day!

just a thought… pink ranger porn - post up or shut up zedd.

mmm pink ranger pr0n

Two things, number 1: I don’t consider naked pictures Porn. I consider them art. Two, I listen to requests that come from the proper channels. Ergo, an e-mail from my requests box. Sarcasm aside, I do have naked pictures of Amy Jo Johnson (Pink Power Ranger) And Katherine Sutherland (Also a Pink Power Rangers, when you send me a request for a picture, any picture, you will have to be more specific on it. Not for fucking vague.


Alright, first of all, there is a major difference between art and porn. Art is tasteful, and is not created purely for profit. Porn, on the other hand, is. “Penthouse,” is not art, even though it contains many, “naked pictures,” (why you would put clothes on a picture, I’m not sure).

Second, think back to high school English. Now re-read your post. Get what I’m driving at?

Third, make with the pink ranger porn.

Excellent! Mine is still virgin to the TPS report, but has bound some Astronomy assignments together… It’s also heavy enough to keep those VNC and WAC charts in their place.

It looked fine to me, besides I don’t worry too much about grammer when I am pissed and besides, the Grammer check on the Word said it was okay. I mean naked people in pictures as long as they are not engaging in sex, then it’s not porn, it’s art. You think all those artist painted those pictures just for the fun of it? No they wanted to make a profit, DUH! You totally glossed over my point as per the norm in the geek infested room.

Dude, don’t worry about your writing. Keep writing and ignore those naysayers. Insert naysayers quote.

Also, it’s grammar, not grammer.

Now have you gotten the memo? These TPS reports need that new cover sheet on them.

I’ll go ahead and get you another copy of the memo.

'Cuse me. 'Cuse me, I believe you have my stapler.

Sounds like someones got a case of the Mondays!

have you theen my thtapler?

Can you please, please, pretty please be a little more ignorant? Please? Oh, how I wish you were more ignorant. Even if you could be just a tiny, little bit more ignorant, that would just make my day.