Anti Virus

Alright, so one thing I never really noticed was anti virus, i’ve built all my pc’s and usually had parts replaced in it every couple of weeks/months, minor upgrades or replacing old spare parts.

this last pc i’ve had for a couple of months with no upgrades or anything to it.  and well.  I tried avg, avast, and another I can’t remember but they didn’t really work for me, daily scans or weekly scans were sluggish, updates daily slowed my internet.

the free stuff didn’t really appeal to me, and now i’m looking for a new anti virus, yahoo, or msn keep disconnecting on me, i’ll try to open an email and it takes ten minutes for the page to load then it tells me page cannot be displayed, I refresh the page and I have to sign in.

or someone will send me a link to a youtube video and it takes 10 minutes to load the first five seconds of the video then it stops responding…

I did speed test, I was rather upset with city west at how bad my connection is, after running speed test, my connection is fine, I even downloaded a couple game patches for different games I have installed, and well they downloaded over 200kb/s which for me is good since I got so used to it never going above 60kb/s in the past.

anyway somethings up with my computer, it’s a personal pc, in my room but others use it when they come over, a lot of facebook and bebo and what not, yahoo games and stuff, friends sending them links to download stuff, I think something got downloaded that shouldn’t have been downloaded.

I looked around and McAfee, NOD32, Symantic, Norton, and Panda are all relatively the same price, with the exception of a few that offer up to three computers while the rest are single user single pc.

also saw Kaspersky was slightly a bit higher in price, single user.  all of which are one year subscription,  my question is which do you use, which would you suggest and I have 3 pc’s in the house, two of which aren’t mine, they both use either avg or avast, should I get an anti virus for my computer, or get one of the companies that offer up to three pc’s for one year?

I run an XP Pro SP3 partition on one of my Linux boxes.  I’ve had good luck using Avira anti-virus, it is free and works well for me.

I only recommend ESET’s NOD32.

“…The recent evaluation from AV Comparatives showed some false positives (12), but Eset still scored at the top of the class for overall detection rates (with an impressive 97.2%), and garnered an overall A+ (Advanced Plus), the highest rating from AV Comparatives.”


I’ve used both the consumer and corporate (centrally managed) versions of Trend Micro and NOD32 and by and far NOD32 is better. This is conditional upon update the AV engine itself and not just updating the AV definitions alone.

I run linux… so i dont worry much about viruses… but for my clients I’ve used a combination of a proxy server with a clamav plugin to scan downloads before they reach the client in addition to avast/whatever they want to use.

on clients home machines i use the microsoft av software, which is free and better than  free avg or avast or nod 32. The ms one workes really good.

For home, i used a untangle box, no viruses spyware or ad-wares enter the network :smile:  < ms free av software.  < for firewall / security appliance.

Now i have from work,  a sonic wall with the full av security appliance.

i run kaspersky and am happy with it, paid $65 and have installed on 2 computers, the laptop twice cause of user error…

I use a Mac.
And many PCs with Avast. The FREE one. The same one I use to fix the ones that roll in the door with Norton, Nod32 and Macafee and are still infected.
If it’s FUBAR I have commercial AVAST repair disks I burn monthly, and an AVG bootdisk.
It’s all a matter of how much you want to pay, how much BS you’ll put up with from an AV program, and how freaking stunned you are whether that be ignoring shit and warnings or letting a teenager on your business computer.
I wouldn’t recommend any product as “better” than the other. I’d recommend using a Mac or Ubuntu if you’re losing sleep over shit like that.

Second that.

Yep…I run 7 computers at home.  Six Linux boxes and a Macbook…viruses are also non-existent for me.  I boot into my one XP Pro partition once per week and scan it for bugs.  Windows sure requires a lot of maintenance.  :smile:

Macbook pro at my house, another macbook white one for the wife, and a windows 2003 server and a 2008 server and soon to have a mac mini server.

Sonic wall arrives in a week or so.

Tell us how well it works. I’m looking for a 2 input unit for a customer who needs 2 links to meet DOT regs.
He had another guys wireless and mine, and although mine was 1.5-2Mb vs 512, it was spotty at times. So he added a sat system and dropped the other wireless. It still screwed up a lot.
Went there and found this ~$200 Dlink dual WAN box. Just out of curiosity I unplugged and mine went up to 5.5Mb and has worked flawless since. If it ever does crash, he has to unplug it and plug in the satellite internet…

How what works the sonic wall or the untangle box ?

Sorry my eyes were tired. Thought the Sonicwall had dual WANs.

YOU can tell it to! :smile:

I vote for Microsoft’s free solution… security essentials, and I also like and have used Avira’s free anti virus.

NoD32 is frankly the best…used by haxors all alike…not a resource hog and quick…very quick.

I wouldn’t say it’s the best, the only thing that is the best, is no internet at all!

If your computers skills are above par and your the only one using it.  You don’t need a virus scan.  There are several other options out there that are far better

I guess you have a antivirus software then ?  ( tool )

You have one? you seem like the twitter/ipad type of person to me.