Another Business Closing!

Just noticed that Uptown Shoes is closing its’ doors ! How many empty buildings on 3rd. will that be now ?  I know their shoes were a tad pricey but sad to see another one close.  They have sales on now though, 10% off apparently !

oh well . people worry about stores closing here because of big box stores closing but they close without them here. bring on the big box stores so we dont have to go out of town :unamused:

I hear that there is a ‘For Sale’ sign at Adventure Tours on 3rd Ave. E…anyone have any idea what’s going on there?

They are moving into the Atlin Building

Also notice the newly paved driveway all torn up?  :smiley:

Taking the pavement with them. :smiley:

Looks like the rumours of RAIN closing were partially true.

The restaurant has a sign in the window says closed for Day to Day business but available for private parties. Guess they’re also available for catering according to the sign.

ADventure tours had rented the space across from Panago’s did lots of upgrades on their dollar including the paving of the lot. The owner upped the rent 3 fold I hear, and Doug Davies decided to return to the Atlin Termina and took the paving up for good measure!

Well if it’s his pavement. Wonder if the port corporation could use it anywhere? :imp:

I thought to myself good for you Mr Davies … I am not a business owner or a land lord. But would it not make more sense to have someone in your building pay money making your building look useful rather than empty and no money coming in and rundown to other potential customers or the general public?

I don’t have any inside info about adventure tours, but the sign says the BUSINESS is for sale, not the building…  That, to me, indicates that Adventure Tours itself is for sale.

And as for Rain… yeah, it’s pretty much done.

Rain wont be missed…  the atmosphere was okay but the menu sucked and was over priced… 

Maybe you won’t miss it, but I do!  I loved the atmosphere, for sure, but I will totally miss the yummy martinis and tasty tapas.  Yes, it was pricey, but it wasn’t the type of place to go EVERY night… it was a “night out with the girls” sort of place.  A “warm up” spot before going out to dance, or to a movie. 

Metrotown enough said!

I could never afford to go passed the doors but it is unfortunate that its another one to bite the dust. The only place which may remain open is city hall and the jury must be out on that one. It does need some changes if it will continue taking in our money.

i’ll drink to that

Maybe they’re closing because they’re tired of people stealing shot glasses.

maybe i should try to confince rain ownersto let me cook???my menu would homecooking and affortable!!! :sunglasses: :laughing:

I am personally glad it’s gone …  the business can go to other places.
I found it over priced and lousy… 

Wow Rain closing I wonder why?? Could it be the lousy service when your server is doing you a huge favor like getting you a drink God forbid they have to do something to make a pay check!!!