Animal control

i’m dissapointed on one hand and the other truly stunned. on saturday i had witnessed a yellow lab/mutt go after a man walking not one half block from the cops barked than jumped up at him and bit him on the upper arm . he was tuning out on an i pod and was startled as the canine jumped at him.
I could understand if he had walked onto the mutts property. but the dog lived down the street. so after nipping at him the dog ran home when a kid seen it and called him off ,so i left it at that. than a half hour later( i was changing belts on my truck during this)i heard the mutt again and looked from around my truck and had seem him going at a teenage girl so i yelled at the dog it stopped jumping at her and came at me. thenstopped ten feet from me .and ran home.i asked the girl if she was fine and she said no she was visibly shaken up. so i urged her to report the dog to the rcmp. and so as she walked to the police station a constable was driving by so she flagged him down and reported the dog.he stopped listened , than from the safety of his vehicle seen the dog prowling on the ther side my car drove closer to it and it ran off. so he dutifully said he would get the spca or animal control onto it.i had not seen the dog after that.another half hour goes buy i finish up changing the belts on my truck and this @#$^ dog cam back tried comming at me. i took my jacket off to distract this mutt enough by hang it in front of me , iwas was gonna wrap its head in it if it jumped and get hold of its collar. it was enough to make it back off and go home. so when the rcmp was called again to report this dog, they said animal control would take care of it. i wonder what or how bad the situation is gonna be when this dog goes after kids… because were not being served or protected.

that is absolute bullshit. the owner needs to be charged. if it goes on for any length of time tell the owner if they dont do something about it you will. these types shouldnt have pets.

Rollins keep your dog on a leash…

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The dog problem in Prince Rupert is bad.

Especially the idots who let their pit bulls and rottweilers off leash at Waterfront Park.  I no longer take my kids there because every day there are off-leash dogs.

The problem is, an animal control officer is only available daytime hours on weekdays.  I went to city hall to speak to them about it and they basically told me they don’t give a damn.


yep that’s the problem - and as well the Animal Control Officer is also a Bylaw Enforcement Officer who hands out parking tickets etc.  Maybe now that you need to pay for parking at Rushbrooke the City will have an enforcement officer work on the weekends …

We have some RCMP folks living across the street from us and they have two Rottweilers - and no fence.  So when do they let the dogs off leash to terrorize the neighbourhood? - on weekends of course.  They quite frankly don’t seem to give a s**t about those two dogs but I’m sure whoever takes the law into their own hands to deal with the dogs will all of a sudden face the full force of the “law” even though cops themselves don’t follow the rules, let alone enforce them.

wow is that a surprise

stand by so ‘crazy mike’ can come on here and defend them and tell you how you are wrong to accuse them of such a thing

Why would I do that? If indeed they are letting their dogs loose to terrorize the neighborhood then they should suffer the consequences.

I don’t know what the sky is like in your world Rollins but I have never posted on here that RCMP/Police are above the law. I usually chime in with another point of view, yes. Just because I have challenged your opinion on certain events that include the police doesn’t make me blind to what they are capable of.

hey man i’m just buggin ya.  somebody has to take either side of a view right. 

Maybe someone should let their dog off the leash around city hall then maybe they will see lmao.

I agree the dog problem is bad in Rupert! I was walking along hays cove area last September and a pitbull came running through from 11 and aflred street. Who the hell lets that type of animal run free. I know these bigger dogs get a bad rap, but obviously it is for good reason. Anyways the dog chased several people/ children and most were fortunate to make it back into their homes in the bc housing area. I was waiting for the bus watching the dog and eventually the dog came charging aggressively, so I climbed up on the busstop. about a few minutes had passed I was obviosly startled and some loser drives by laughing and whistles and the dog follows and up the streeet from a distant, I assume it was the owner as the dog climbed into the car without being aggressive. No apology or nothing from the owner yet the dog startled several people in the area. sooner or later someone will be seriously hurt by a dog running free. STUPID PEOPLE WHO THINK HAVING A DOG OR OTHER PET IS EASY AS JUST LETTING IT OUT WITHOUT SUPEVISION ORCHAINED IN THE YARD SHOULD NOT HAVE PETS!

From my experience, the by-law guy at City Hall can indeed do something – but he needs specifics.  Ie: write down the time and what happened, what the dog looked like, etc.

I’ve personally witnessed the guy in action after an aggressive dog (Rottweiler?) tried to charge my (wimpy Golden Retriever) dog.  Ironically, the Rottweiler was hit by a minivan while charging across the street growling and barking – and he still kept coming!  If it wasn’t for the being hit by a car (which seemed to stun him a bit), I’m pretty sure he would have attacked me and my girlie-man dog.

Anyway, the bylaw guy came along, asked what happened, and then took action.  But he does need specifics.

Also, my dog really is that wimpy.  Instead of retrieving ducks, he sniffs them and whines.

I’d believe that Mig. My lab was scared of water. Can you imagine that? Labs usually love the water and mine wouldn’t even get his ankles wet.

Heh, mine’s 5 years old now, and only really started swimming and retrieving (finally!) this fall.  It was awesome to see him instinctively jump into the water as soon a duck fell out of the sky.  Unfortunately, he grabbed the duck and swam in the opposite direction with it.  Took a bit of coaxing to get him to bring it back to me.

Now if only I could actually shoot more ducks, he’d get more practice.  I’m not a very good duck hunter!  I keep expecting the old nintendo duck hunter dog to pop up and laugh at me.

The problem is not the bylaw guy who does his job when he is working.  The problem is the management at city hall who only employ a bylaw guy Mon-Fri 9:00 to 5:00

Doesn’t do a lot of good when most of us will be out and about evenings and weekends walking, jogging, taking our kids to the park or whatever.

I spoke to people at city hall about this.  They basically fed me a bunch of crap.  Told me I should talk to the dog owners - like I haven’t done that already.  They don’t seem interested in doing their job but they do seem quite keen on charging me very high property taxes then sitting around at their desk all day doing nothing.  Idiots.

IMO only a sociopath would own a vicious dog such as a pit bull or similar breed.  No doubt after a few kids are seriously mauled we will get some provincial legislation against pit bulls but it is a shame it has to come to that before our politicians will do anything.

Lets not forget people, we don’t just have one bylaw officer, we have two.  There is also a lady bylaw officer that was hired shortly after they hired the ticket cop.  Maybe someone should suggest that they consider splitting the shift so that there is a person on duty in the evenings and weekends when these dogs are running rampant. 

Pfft…a city worker working past 5PM, that’ll be the day.
Pretty sure I’ve never seen them out on weekends either.

I was down at the waterfront and was accosted by a pit bull. He damn near licked me to death. His name is Romeo, and with his ears back and his head low his mistress grants him permission to come toward me. With his whole body wriggling in delight he comes to me and gives me his stomach to scratch.

But you’re right … it’s the people who shouldn’t own dogs who should be thrown in jail. While there are some (just like people) who should be put down because they’d always be a risk, most are very trainable.

What a wrong attitude to have.
There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

The only reason pit bulls have a bad rep is because they were a popular breed to train for fighting since they are pretty tough. And do not get me started with the sickos that do that.

Did you know that German Shepherds are the most likely breed to bite by nature?
…funny enough how that is what most mutts are mixed with around here.

I’ve been working with animals for a long time, and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the pit bull breed.

What they did in Ontario made me sick to my stomach. Pulling every single pit bull cross out from their homes and destroying them.

Maybe they should have done that to the idiots who think it’s cool to make a business out of dog fighting.

this only partially true. i have been a german shepherd owner for fifteen years, have my second one now, they are not aggressive dogs and are no more prone to bite than any other dog. show me where your facts came from, cause i suspect they are bullshit.
  i personally wanted shepherds for the very reason they will bite out of a sense of duty when needed, they are not naturally aggressive. they also usually dont bite severely, just enough to show the human vermin who’s boss and to get the fuck out of there. a friend of mine has had two pit bull’s and they are very much different. while they are both very friendly dogs and never taught aggression if you play with them you will notice how quickly they become over aggressive, even though they dont mean any harm. they very quickly take the game too far and dont seem to realize they are now hurting you, something my sheperds seem to know instinctively, if they accidentely hurt you while playing they are very sympathetic and will lick you like crazy to show you they didnt mean to hurt you and they then tone down the play. this is because they want to play with you, they dont care about who wins, the play is the point. my friends pit bull wants to win the game, and will increase her aggressiveness as needed to win and doesnt seem to care if you are hurt. i dont think she hurts you on perpose but is willing to accept that that is what was needed to defeat you in the game so it is acceptable, while she doesnt at first intend to hurt you she thinks thats ok if thats what it takes to win the game. the escalation from play to seriousness happens in a split second and i would bet its that reaction that causes alot of their bites. i think because of their overwhelming strength they havnt developed much in the way of a retreat reaction, its all power. you dont back down from a perceived threat, you take it on full force. great stuff if you want a guard dog that is never around people, not so great if you want a companion/friend/pet .