And yet another store closes

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London Drugs and Superstore both give 25-30% discounts on the listed price.
I also check Costco as they’re often $2 under the US list price. Got the latest Jason Bourne for $5.99 and I don’t think it was worth even that much.

there seems to be a rumer that one or both computers stores are on the verge of closing. due to their tech guys have gone to work at Riddly and else were. and Kaien Printers is moving to a bigger location beside sears.

Everytime I walk in the mall I hardly ever see anyone in The Source anyway.  The employees are usually standing around talking to each other.  I wonder how they manage to stay open…

Quote earlier on:
Smith at the mall is even frowned upon by his security workers and much of customers. Something about these Smith boys.

Yeah I agree with you re: Smith at the Mall, however he is an improvement over the former management …  Oh The Source and Rain Forest forget that thank god for internet and online shopping, as well as Terrace stores,  so that the merchants can no longer hold us hostage.  Don’t get me started on shopping here, we have a beautiful town, but shopping here is nothing to get too excited about.  I look forward to The new stores in the old hydro site.  We gotta get into the year 2007, that mall has a 70s feel to it. Anyone heard the rumours about the mall closing and becoming a condo??

I’ll bet smartass is already picking out curtains and carpeting… :wink:

yeah that’s for sure he likely is…

The up stairs is pretty good, but down stairs except for Extra is getting really bad…
For a Port City with some high priced houses we better soon get some shopping so that people paying those prices will have some place to shop  The people coming wont stand for the junk many merchants peddle here … Some of the new pricing of homes is for a folks that want more than that stuff…  Come on get out of 70s mode …  The new Safeway that is nice, we need more modern spaces like that… As I say I hope out at the old hydro site

Oh there’s rumours flying around about the mall CONSTANTLY… but alas… it hasn’t been sold… so no condos for YOU!

No stores in the mall will get a facelift until something is decided upon about the future of the mall.  What head office will spend thousands of dollars updating a store, when they don’t know if the mall will be around in 2 years or not?  I know of at least 3 stores on the upper level that are slated for renovations… but until we know for sure if the mall will stick around or not, none of that will happen.

Then of course there’s the off chance the stores in the mall will be relocating to the new site.  I put in for that a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.

Iam surprised there is no mention of creative computers going under, I just saw the sign in their window, good riddance is all I have to say, with the personality that ran it I am absolutely amazed it lasted as long as it did, absolutely amazed! I worked there about eight or nine years ago for a short while, and I have never seen an employer badger their employees to the degree it was done there, and I have worked for drag skippers for christ sakes, they dont scream at you harder than that anywhere you would think, well creative makes my skipper look like a saint. Even my skipper knows when he has said too much, that the time to shut the fuk up does eventually arrive, that is if you want to have employees that last longer than one trip. There was a girl named Amber back when I worked there, he would say shit that would make her cry every damn day, then apologize after he had done it, every damn day he would do that, then ask me what her problem was. I could only reply to him "she is a great worker, she always does her job, why even say anything at all to her to then have to apologize for it, why not just shut the fuk up and leave her alone? Funny thing is he would do that same very thing to half of the customers, he would chase them outta the place while insulting them the entire time, was comical actually to watch,

I for one could not care less about evening posting something about creative systems, waist of space.
I go to Kaien Printers for all my stuff or eBay. I find Karen to be very reasonable, she is moving at the end of the month to a bigger location beside Sears. I hope her business will flourish there. 

Yeah I could not care less that Creative is closing as well.
I always found the owner and staff very arogant.  Very expensive pricing…  I could go on but it would be a waste of energy. 
I do find Karen reasonable / Data Boy is great/ and Future Shop and Best Buy are just a few clicks away
Best of luck to Karen in her new space.

I just started dealing with her, she is very good. Having someone who really works at pleasing you is like a breath of fresh air here in rupert, I am not used to it. I ordered a PCI to ATA card two years ago at databoy, for the first ten months I got the “its on order” or “ohhya shit, we will order that right away” after 24 months I concluded its not coming…LOL, I hate having to trash Rob, he has treated me really good cept for refusing to order the card for me, you fuker Robbie!

yeah at times Data Boy can be slow (or never) at ordering stuff.
But I always find them so pleasant and repair costs are kept as reasonable as possible, at least that has been my experience.  How do other’s feel?

I hope something worthwhile moves into the space that Creative has now. It was great news when I heard they were going out of business, I never understood them lasting as long as they did.  I am curious how others feel as well?

Yeah Karen is a breath of fresh air.

The Data Boy Staff is very pleasant to deal with.

Karen has always matched or beaten Vancouver prices.  She can get weird stuff that your normal computer store wouldn’t carry either.  It’s the only place in town I ever buy computer stuff.

Where is she moving?

  Databoy staff are great…Very accommodating and willing to walk me through many a problem I have had with my machine with enormous amounts of patience and they will repair even major glitches with a $20. bill. Nice staff :smiley:  It is sad to see any business go under though as 3rd. Ave. is beginning to resemble a ghost town. Ocean Girl(formerly Sidewalkers, I believe) is also closing up. They are down near Panago but used to have a store in Cow Bay. Great staff there also…

you think that was bad, you should see  what he did to Autumn, or janie, or alistair me or bruce, Humm come to think of it even his own son and wife. I do remember you working there, i don’t blame you for leaving either. I am glad i got out with employment for a full 2 years WOOT!

kinda sux that the people that work there are out of a job tho, however i know he still pays SHITTY wages, best of luck to them, hope the all find jobs.

I could do it for free.  :smile:

Actually jase i remember Autumn, and they way he treated her, she was a real sweetheart too you gotta be a major prick to have a problem with her, she had a huge heart, really nice girl it bugged the shit outta me to watch him doing all that shit to her.

I always figured he treat his staff terribly…Mike is an ass to his customers too
Only Howard of Cowbay Computers formerly of that is can top him for being an ass
It was so nice when Data Boy opened, and now we have Karen @ Kaien as well.