And yet another store closes

Hey anyone got the scoop on why the Coles shut down?

Timing seems kind of strange, you would think that a store would try and keep open leading up to Christmas.

I can only guess that the lease came up and they didn’t want to commit for a long period of time.

It’s too bad, always enjoyed looking through the bargain bins and picking up a deal or two…

Pardon my ignorance here… But what’s ‘the Coles’? (Or where, frankly?)

Thanks mate… :smile:

Well strangely enough I did hear a rumor (In this town? Go figure) about their closing. What I heard was that they received a bit of an ultimatum from the Mall to either sign a long term lease or leave. If the rumor is true I guess we know which one they picked.

I also heard from the same rumor source that “The Source” is looking to move out of the mall.

A book store, that up until the 18th of august was located on the lower level of the Mall.

Well, if all of that is true, it’s nice to see that the same old managerial style carries over, interesting approach to retailing to keep driving your tennants out of your already empty building.

Oh. Right. Coles Book store… lol… I’ve been in there numerous times; picked up Maeve Binchy’s newest book (Whitethorn Woods) there not long ago, actually. hehe…

Thanks for the speedy reply… :smile:

from what i understood about when coles opened here… it was never to be a permanent fixture in the mall.

it was a third quarter store. only to make money in the third quarter and then it was to be shut down…

i dont think it had anything to do with mall management at all…

Well I don’t know the ins and outs of the corporate world, but I always though that the quarter before Christmas, especially for a book store was kind of like the harvest season. I mean more books are probably bought in the three months leading til Christmas than any others.

So it seems strange to close your store before you hit the busiest time of the year.

But hey who knows, I’ve seen and worked for companies that have done dumber things in my day…

When you sign a short term lease with the Rupert Square, it’s for under a year, and anything over a year’s lease costs a lot more.  Coles wasn’t making enough money for the franchise to continue with a huge lease.

Hmm, ok then I go back to my earlier point then I guess…

"Well, if all of that is true, it’s nice to see that the same old managerial style carries over, interesting approach to retailing to keep driving your tennants out of your already empty building. "

Not sure what benefit there is to a mall if every six or seven months your shiny new destination stores are pulling up stakes and moving out, seems to me that it wouldn’t breed much security nor positive vibes for the mall

I was in there a couple of weeks ago, and some woman was asking the person working if the store could order books and she was told they couldn’t because they were just seasonal, or that they weren’t a real store? Something along those lines.

Rainforest books is just as good as coles anyways.

This small city does not have everything people need or want. I truly hope these enterpreneurs live to ride again, and best of luck on their next venture. Small business ensures this towns survival.

That is my understanding of the Coles store, that it is a seasonal venture, not a permanent fixture of the Mall.  Perhaps they’ll be back?

When the da Vinci Code came out I looked at buying it locally. It was $10 more compared to ordering it online. 'Nuff said!

Yep, it shows that while literacy doesn’t count for much, at least we have more fast food and gambling opening up. I guess that the $2.00 tables were of more interest than the regularly priced books - and that won’t keep a bookstore going. Shame.
For books I find that Eddy’s is a much better store than Rainforest - something about the service at Rainforest seriously annoyed me earlier this year when I tried to order a book - it took 2 months to get it and it was a lot more $ than Amazon - I was just trying to help the local economy and support a book store and ended up wondering why I ever thought that was a good thing. Eddy’s has lots of the best sellers - even in hard cover - they’re 15% off and they will try to get you what you want without a lot of hassle. Of course we do have a great library :smiley:

Rainforest books is BETTER!

Rainforest is another store which seems to be run by someone who does not give two shits about their customers, they are more expensive and the owners have all the qualitys to manage the mall as well, poor management all the way . Smith at the mall is even frowned upon by his security workers and much of customers. Something about these Smith boys.

I know many people don’t believe in the “book clubs” but I rejoined Doubleday Book Club after my first contract with them had been fulfilled and therefore expired and after my move  from back east I could not get any good books here and I have to say that even including shipping and handling, they are cheaper than Rainforest for sure! Try them out as you can do all the paperwork online and they have an awesome collection! Longest I have waited for an order was 3 weeks :smiley:   

When I buy a paperback I always ask "If I pay with American dollars, do I pay the American price on the cover?"
I have to remind myself everytime that yes a book is worth a pack and a half of smokes.

I’ve been seeing signs in the Nanaimo Chapters store telling buyers that the current prices listed on books may be actually less when they take them to the till because of the stronger Canadian dollar lately…could amount to a fair chunk of change when you are buying hardcovers I suppose.