And for Mayor

Don’t know if any of these have entertained the idea of running, however have heard these names mentioned in the rumour mill.

The new rumor is that Herb is definitely not running, instead Ken Cote will be running for Mayor this term…

why do we still use this out dated way of finding the person to miss use our money :confused:
we need to get an outside independent research company to tear your past apart and find out who is a better match for the job,then treat them like managers if you screw up to much your gone end of story! like Denis Leary says:life sucks get a helmet! we keep putting our hopes in people that are part of the BOYS CLUB and then ask why were they not one of us? why did they only look out for their friends? why why why! answer: cuz your a fucking idiot! satan will always do as satan does even if it looks good for you at the time! am i the only one that gets this? :imp:

My vote is for Don Silversides.  Both Kitimat and Terrace have silver-haired lawyers as mayors and I think we should too.

Dumbledore should be added to the poll.

[quote=“Council Watch”]
instead Ken Cote will be running for Mayor this term… [/quote]

God help us.

He got the most votes when he last ran for Council–the community seems to like him.

Yes.  I’ve also heard the rumour that Herb isn’t running.

Yeah I like the idea of Don running, I served under Jack and I must say he sure knows his stuff with the city but he seems to be enjoying himself with the life he is living at the present. I also heard Fitzpatrick was going to run Steve that is. I have thought of it but.

steve had run in the past, I cant remember how he did, but he would get my vote as would Justin Case…

I could certainly see Justin Case running for council but he is not mayor stuff, he believe in the social issues and has been fighting for the youth for years I believe. Fitzpatrick too far off the wall smart but not able to channel his stuff to normal people.

Steve Fitzpatrick will need to improve over his performance when running for Council–as I recall he missed by quite a bit.

So I see Gabe Mclean is running again, does he not figure it out and see it is Dorthy or Dot who really wants to be there, how many times is it now and all total he still has not reached 75 or 100 votes. So this means we will be seeing them in the neigbourhood once again, every four years we get to see them. Just don’t understand :unamused:

Ken got the most votes the last time around and he may get elected again.  In the poll that I ran earlier he received 13 out of 41 votes as the councillor that you would least like to see re-elected.  Good enough for second place. … 244.0.html

I hope he doesnt get re-elected.  There are better people out there to represent us in council.

Interesting.  This poll here is completely unscientific, but, Don Scott is currently leading on HTMF.
Anyone know if he’s thinking about running?  We will know after Friday, October 10, 2008. :smile:

People keep asking me to run for Mayor here.
How much do Mayors make? :imp:

If I knew who Herbie was it would give me some idea, if he is running on his or her sense of humor you got my vote. :laughing:

I think that Mayor Pond makes a little over $30,000 per year if memory serves.

I was happy to see that Don Scott is going to run for mayor
He has my vote…  I am sick of Herb and now he could very well be gone…
Good Luck Don


I hadn’t seen any concrete evidence of any Mayoral nominations–I assumed the poll was hypothetical. Did I miss something here?