ajaye46's city worker thread

i just watched your precious co workers fix a water main on my street for the 8th time in like 5 years in the same 4 house area .
be nice if they fix problems properly the first time. but after they were done they sat and had a smoke for about an hour after they were done .

good to see my your hard working co workers using my tax dollars so well i can see why you want the hotels to subsidize for the all native to help them out .  :roll:

Listen num nuts the city doesn’t have the money to fix the infrastructure,they
only pay for patch ups,our city workers are the best they know there jobs
and there doing a hell of job with the little money they have to work with.
That’s why taxes need to go up if we want the best,if you dint want to pay
then you know what you get in return.

Well I guess Mr. Curnes is not able to have his video cameras everywhere, but I have heard that he does not play fair and is not permitted to have cameras on workers as such. Big Brother is watching, I think that is very shameful and it should be challenged. To be the boss’s friend nub nub

i’ve got three words for you their , there and they’re use them correctly  :smile:

put it this way, The City is the last place you ever want to work, because nobody will ever hire you after you work there, they know youll cause shit and be a lazy sac like the rest h

Whoa whole lotta hate around town this morning.

I’m sure the city like every other business and industry has people that work hard and people that hardly work, no need to slap some tar on the entire group eh…

People, people, as Rodney King once said, can’t we all just get along…

You’re picking on his misuse of ‘their’ and you ignore the misspelled “num nuts”?

Come on, this may be the first time num nuts was used on HTMF!

just trying to paint the full picture for ajaye . he only seems to paint with bright rosy colors .

didn’t point out num nuts because i’m not sure if it’s even in the dictionary.
and i’ve seen too many post’s of his where he misuses various uses of there  :smiley:

Ah decker, you forgot his spelling of “didn’t” spelled the ajaye way, “dint”  :smiley: Numb Nuts, great word, use it a great deal  :smiley:

No. Jleaman.

That is all.

I don’t know what the property taxes are like in rupert now but if they are the same as when i owned a house there i sure would not want to see an increase.

I’m abit upset this morning and my choice of words was maybe offensive i
do apologize to those folks who are feeling upset.Mr curnes is a boss who
wants to go places he a go getter and likes to get things done he is like me
i have done well financially i got-twowonderful kids a wife who makes more then
me and works on fantasy island,yes i am blessed but there are people out there
that are struggling and including my fellow workers they are like family and i know
they go to work every day and do there jobs and just want to be treated fairly.

You know as much as a lot of us give you hard time when you throw out some of the more excited of defenses of all things city, we can see that you’re rather passionate about the community in your posts.

It’s just that sometimes you need to look at both sides of a discussion before weighing in with a thought.

And watching how you term things probably won’t leave you feeling upset after you have said something that perhaps wouldn’t sit well with folks.

Nice rule of thumb when it comes to posting is to read things over a couple of times before hitting the ole post button, goes a long way to not having to wonder what may come of your words.

Not trying to deny you a right to free speech and your right to defend your positions,  and hell it’s nice to get other points of view even if some of us find them little much in the rose coloured vein.

Just passing on a helpful hint to keep you from getting yourself into a wee bit of trouble when you let your passions over rule your send button.

Well if we’re all going to sensor our feelings before we post them, what’s the point of posting them in the first place?

never said you had to censor your feelings, just suggested to ajaye that perhaps he think about his posts before he says something that might affect his job, friendships etc…

You wanna throw something out that gets you fired, hey go for it, opens up a job for someone else in town. 

My boss is a real fucking asshole.

Im sure you all agree.

Does he hire those in his own image by chance?

I work for myself.

I knew that :imp:

Bossesssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! :stuck_out_tongue: