ajaye46's city worker thread

What I want to know is how Rupert managed to score the ‘best’ city workers.  I mean, does the City head-hunt people from the municipal workforces of the world to add to their quiver of go-getters?  How else could we get the best of the best?  Rupert must be like the “Top Gun” of municipal work environments.

I’m sorry, I tend to get facetious sometimes.

The real point of my diatribe is:

holy fuck, if you have a sweet job and a wife with a sweeter job, and the world’s been good to you, of course you’re going to have a rosy outlook on life.  We want to be able to pay our bills AND have some sort of life after work, but we can’t because we have to work 2 fucking jobs to do it because we’re paying for Ajaye and his co-workers to have a rosy outlook on life.  THATS WHY SOME OF US ARE SO FUCKING PISSED OFF!!!  Its because we painfully feel the inequalities of society.  I have been eating Mr. Noodles for three months because I’m trying to make a go of it here…trying to stave off thoughts that moving up here was a big mistake.  Trying to act happy and nice to all the comfortable people while my stomach is eating itself.  Wondering when they’ll shut my utilities off because I don’t have a nice enough job to pay my bills on time.  Then I see guys who can’t tell their asses from holes in the ground make $30/hour because they know people.  It’s a fuck of a lot easier to be happy when your stomach is full and you drive a nice car, have a nice, steady job, etc.  Try subsisting on mr. noodles and office coffee for a week and see how you start to feel about life in general.  I’m this close to just creeping out on the town and sticking people up.  Except they’re probably all broke too.  What neighborhood do you live in Ajaye?  Just joking.  I ain’t that type of guy.  Yet. 

Pardon my francais, s’il vous plait.  But seriously, q’est-ce que fuck?? 

Ajaye… Although I’m very tempted to use the same term you use, I get that you were baited as you can’t be expected to answer for the city work force. That is the 5 million dollar man’s job, Mr. Gordon Howie and our elected representatives.


  1. We already pay some of the highest municipal taxes and fees in BC so please consider this before talking about raising taxes yet again.
  2. If your co workers did indeed spend an hour having a smoke break after fixing the pipe, than they can hardly be considered to be the best examples of civic workers to be found in BC.
  3. I agree with you that the infrastructure is in poor shape.

Until our elected municipal politicians get the gumption to make hard decisions re: disposal of city assets that we have no business owning, it must be disheartening for workers to be continually applying bandaid solutions they know are at best temporary fixes. Citywest, the Alaska ferry dock, the airport ferry all come to mind as items that should be placed up for sale. If anyone’s feet needs to be held to the fire, it’s our politicians and their managers.

Racist bastard only hired me because I’m white

That’s what you get for working for your father. He is quite an angry guy.

…I work for myself

Pardon me, I thought you still worked for your heavenly father.  :imp:

At least they aren’t drunk like the longshoremen you work with!  :imp:

i never came on here saying they were the best or didn’t drink tho lol