Accident on Highway 16

I heard there were some people killed on the highway.  The highway was closed on Friday night.

Anybody have more details?

from what i’ve heard there were 4 in the car heading back to Terrace from Rupert and i’m not sure how they crashed but 2 passed away and 2 are in surgery right now… I knew two people in the car… one that passed away and one in surgery  :frowning:

R.I.P. to those who passed away (f)

One of the people in the car was a Guy name Shawn White. I believe he worked at extra foods.

Yeah I heard the same thing late lastnight from a cab driver… apparently they are pretty young too.

It was a pretty big deal.  was camping at Poplymar and saw lots of flashing lights go screaming by.  Traffic was held up for hours while they did their investigation or whatever. Unfortunate.  Was it a single vehicle crash?

How about we not mention any names of the deceased until there’s actually something released to the public?

He works at Overwaitea.

But thank god that buddy of mine and Basil Lewis survived the accident, just hope they’re all right.

And also my sympathy for the families of the deceased.

Well thats the shits, I shop at overwaitea and see all those guys all the time, just not sure which one he was. Thats a real shame i like all the people who work there.

Any updates on the Accident.  What occured??
My heart goes out to the families of those involved 

They were driving back to terrace from rupert while it was really foggy and the went around the corner crashing into a rock…the two guys hospitalised are Sean White and Basil Lewis…

the police said it was a miracle they got basil out of that car cause hes so big.  R.I.P. (f)

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Let us not discuss the names of the deceased just yet please.**

Thanks Alexcee

of course lets not mention the names of those perished

I never realised how bad the fog was Friday evening.

again my heart goes out to the families.

September we usually get lots of fog, and its really dangerous on the highway the visibility goes down to almost nothing at times. My best friend was killed about twenty years ago in an accident at the port ed turnoff, was a real thick fog that night too.

yes a few people have lost their lives there, a friend of mine died there too…

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Yeah the people killed on the highway were my little brother and his friend… and it was soooooo preventable… DRINKING AND DRIVING KILLS!!! and here the other family is celebrating it like it was right… ugh… so much anger still we put our brother to rest cause one night of fun… people really need to think about there actions because you never know when you’ll see your family and friends… and we did do everything the right way but other then flashin money around we sent over 5000 dollars to mothers against drunk drivers… which the other family should be doing but  i guess they don’t realize it was soo stupid…

I am very sorry for your loss!!

  My deepest sympathy to your family…So tragic and a sad lesson learned the hardest way there could ever be. You are right as life grants us no guarantees for another day with those we love so take that extra moment today everyone and say’ I love you’ to your family and friends. Take care of yourself…

What other family are you speaking of?

My deepest condolences to all of you.

To u_know_me009: I’m very sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family.

I do not think I know you but My thoughts are with you and to your family. Terrible Highway and a terrible loss .