91 cents a litre

What the hell??? I mean, c’mon, it’s nearly summer, and gas is 91 cents a litre??

gas is always more in the summer

Boo hoo.

It’s 95.9 in Victoria.

wow, almost a dollar a litre! crazy!

fuck good thing my parents pay for the gas in the Malibu :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s right. Time to sell your cars and move to pedal power.

walk to work ?

I do. 20 to 25 minutes rain or snow or sun.


im specifically talking to hoshq, he could ride a shopping cart to work if he wanted, its all downhill.

Yeah, it’s less than ten minutes. But still, other places I’ve lived it’s been the reverse - higher in winter.

where its cold and snowy it is - where everyone has 4x4 trucks its usually more. but they cahrge more here becuase mostly of the summer driving, fishing, and campers and rv’s going thru from the states i reckon.

supposedly its because of supply and demand. (cbc, wed night)

40 bucks US a barrel. highest in 13 yrs

there is your 95 cents a litre right there

if the americans can get their shit asses out of iraq and some stablity comes to that region you might see prices drop a bit.

Well, lots of people are saying we’ve already hit “peak oil” and it’s only going to get worse. Oil production levels have been declining for the last 4 years.


Are you in the building yet? If so come by some time and introduce yourself. And bring some beer.

Gas prices don’t bother me, and I drive an awful lot.

Well… It may look like a lot, but really it’s not much more out of your pocket. My tank holds about 50L and at $0.835 it cost $40 bucks to fill. With the price at $0.912 or whatever, it’s only like $4 bucks more, if even.

but what about going back home?


Are you in the building yet? If so come by some time and introduce yourself. And bring some beer.[/quote]

not yet, i went and looked at some apts yesterday, but i’m not completely sold, its pretty spendy for the size id get, and i heard there were some with sweeter views and setups (outside roof-deck?) that i didnt see. maybe all the ones with the good views have been taken, but im also uncertain about constantly having to fight for a parking spot for my giant frickin van, and having to drag a 55lb bike up 4 flights of stairs.

i did see you yesterday though, im the geek on the red bike