8 Cents Cheaper in Terrace?

While shopping and spending my money in Terrace, I noticed while filling up that petrol is 8 cents/litre cheaper? Does 135 km in freight make that much difference?

Obviously, we’re being screwed by our local gas bars. Why not? Every other retail store in town gives it to us. As long as everything’s consistant here, we’ll all be fine and poorer.

Oh yeah, if you get your fuel at one of Terrace’s grocery stores, there’s 7 cents/litre savings on top of the 8 cents/litre.

Still getting value for your buck MCSASH?

LOL, you’ve really NEVER noticted that gas prices change from town to town? Terrace has a smaller population than Rupert and because of that prices are lower—go to a town like Vanderhoof and the prices will be lower than Terrace–go to somewhere like Vancouver or Victoria and you’re looking at a higher price than Rupert. Hardly a ripoff.

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VAlue is eating at mcdonalds 1.69 menu…I think thats the same all over the country.

Dude, gas stations in Metro Vancouver vary between 99.9 to 104.9 cents right now. Compared to the 110.0+ cents you guys are paying right now.

And BTW, I only go to Terrace for the following reasons:

  • Day off/Holidays
  • Seeing a specialist
  • Getting stuff stores in Rupert rarely have or never sell

And here are the following reasons that I find it very silly:

  • Getting cheap gas
  • Shopping for best deals, especially going to Liquidation World or the Wholesale Store

So P.LAO, if you’re going more that 135km just for good deals on fuel, groceries, and other general stuff, then I really have to laugh at you. But it’s your choice anyway.

There is an 11 cent difference as of yesterday and considering a load consists of about 45000 litres we are looking at around $5000 per truckload from Terrace to here. I am inclined to say we are getting gouged a little.

11 cents less? Now that’s a bonus.

Dudes cant you see an opportunity knocking? Buy yourself a fuel tanker (I would conservatively estimate you’d spend $250,000), start buying gas in terrace and shipping it to Rupert. It would only take 50 trips for you to make your money back by seasprays calculations.

buncha whiners.  and yea. gas always seems cheaper in van than in the rupe.

Just use public transit.

Affordable mode of transportation, yet very easy to use.

I don’t have a car in Vancouver, but at least the TransLink system gets me to anywhere I want to go… fast.  :smile:

its rupert… you could WALK anywhere you wanted to go
maybe its the citys secret plan for us to go green… charge out the butt for fuel so we stop driving and either take public transit or walk.


that being get off your lazy butts and use your legs for a change

P.LAO you complain too much about redundant things which we cant do anything about.
quit sitting on your butt complaining in here and get out and walk around a bit… maybe the fresh air will make you less hostile

eccentric, you gotta get out more. Your appology for local gougers makes me want to vomit and your rational for gas prices being what they are in various communities is absolute lunacy at best. You’re gonna have to get more creative than this to fool ol’ P.Lao.

金正日 and you comparing Van public transit to Rupert loozer croozers…you might as well tell us to ride over priced Rupert broomsticks.

Think I’ll take MCSASH’s advice and eat with the rest of our village’s finest at McPukes.

I mostly go to Terrace for the variety of goods offered that I can’t find here in town. Incidental to my trips though, I find great service and value for my buck. If I need a particular tool etc, I figure, might as well get it all done while I’m here. More for less with better service. And to actually enter a clean community…wow. It’s been so long I almost thought conditions here were the norm.  

Not my oppinion alone though…I have guests from out of province staying with me and these are the quotes I remember best: “There’s no way I could stay here more than 6 months max…you guys are nuts.” “If the service was a bad in -----, the store would be out of business.” Too bad your job isn’t in Terrace and then you could live somewhere better." And my favorite: “The crab here’s fine…but east coast crab is sweeter…better.” Just so you know, they’re not from the east coast and I don’t eat crab.

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But really, I have to ask you this question:

Why the hell you’re in Rupert?

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金正日 , you’re right, I’m not evil. It is “retardation” and “idiocy”

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can you give examples of this??? I find prices to be pretty fair up here.

Zellers has good prices on games and electronics… same with the source.
*AudioVision was a huge rip i must admit…
but East Winds is almost on par with big chain stores…
-i bought a flat screen from east winds that was cheaper then the brick!

Food is really well priced in town also. i find most places pretty good and well
priced… i had a full meal at the La Gondola it was $13.95
i got free bread, soup, big meal, and ice cream all for $13.95 and it
was really yummy. and for a cheaper dinner or lunch try West End…
its actually really good and really cheap… Rohdos is great too…
*The crest and cow bay cafe are REALLY over priced and only the later is
really worth the money… Prime Time is awesome too

jewellery is fair too, cooks and mansons are great. i got a pendant from cooks
that was the same price as in vancouver. i got a new seiko watch from mansons
and they matched and beat a price i found in the vancouver sun.
also, getting a watch battery changed in van cost $15 to $25, here in
rupert cooks was $10 and mansons was 7 i think.

hair cuts are about the same if not more in vancouver…

clothing on the other hand is more expensive… i think they jack up the
prices here… (they even write their own prices on the tags over top of
the price tags that come from the factory) but i think all the clothing
stores in town have %50 off sales like everyweek so i guess you save.

so, really… how is this town ripping everyone off??? i dont get it.
and when you put it in perspective, i dont think any of out retailers
are making huge profits… i think most of them are just getting by.

That makes a handful of people who don’t like Rupert - what an indictment!

Most gasoline retailers have zero control over their prices.

Their either sell on consignment or sell on a contract that bases their retail prices on a stadard rack price set by the refinery.

Sometimes you’ll notice that all the gas stations in one region (ie: in Rupert) have the exact same price.  You’ll also notice that they all seem to change their prices at the same time.  You can safely conclude that  they all buy their gas from, or sell on consignment for, the same wholesaler or refinery.

ie: there’s no competition at the wholesale and refinery level.  It has nothing to do with retail – they don’t get to set their prices.

Now some enterprising retailers will “discount” gas – ie: Shell in Terrace will give you back 3.5cents per litre.  So ask yourself why they don’t just lower their prices by 3.5cents?  They don’t get to set their own prices – it’s set by the refinery or wholesaler.

There’s no economic reason for price to be more expensive in Rupert than Terrace, other than it is, and since there’s no competition, what are you going to do about it?

Only when you get competition at the wholesale and refinery level can you have lower prices.  That’s what happened in Ontario a little while back – it was actually cheaper to import gas from the UK than it was to buy it from the refinery down the road.  The result was that retailers could buy from more than one wholesaler, and there was a price war. 

So when you see places in BC that have different prices at different stations, it’s safe to conclude that it’s a place that isn’t “controlled” by just one wholesaler or refinery.

Bottom line – don’t blame the guy who owns the station.

Photo of me filling up in Terrace today:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

13.28 damn that must be quite the moped you’re filling up.  My gas bill for my car is ~$70.00

Does that say 95.9???
It’s only cheaper cuz they’re having a gas war.
It’s $1.039 from PG to Fraser Lake