7/11 speakout on iPhone

Does anyone know if u can use apps with a prepaid speakout sim card
Or if u can just browse the web on safari?

It’s anything on port 80 or 443, and it’s unlimited. I use Speakout as my main phone on an iPhone.

So e-mail works (for example, gmail) using the built-in Apple mail program, as long as you set it up like a exchange server. Safari works, as does any other web browser (Chrome, Opera, etc). Most other apps work just fine. The maps app, Youtube, Podcasts, Facebook, Path, Twitter, FourSquare, etc. all work fine on 3G. Kinda nice to have unlimited YouTube, without worrying about hitting any cap.

Some apps don’t work, if they use a port number other than 80 or 443. I’m trying to think of something that doesn’t work… But they will work just fine when you’re on WiFi. So if you have wireless at home or work, don’t worry about it, everything works on WiFi.

If you know how to do a VPN, you can get everything working over 3G.

If there’s a particular app you want me to try on SpeakOut, let me know and I’ll try it for you. Officially, SpeakOut won’t help you with the iPhone. Guess they don’t want a bunch of people asking them questions all the time.

But if you need help, ask here and I’m sure we can help you out.

For speakout on the iPhone, is there a way to text pictures?

More so, is there a way to get iMessage to work on 3g?


Twitch TV doesn’t work unless on Wifi. It’s a streaming video app. Also I tried using a chat app called Touch so that I could communicate with my son’s very old ipod touch. Works on Wifi but not on 3G. Other than real corner cases though, I’ve been able to get almost everything to run. Whatever limitations it has, $10 a month for unlimited internet is a sweet deal. Especially when it comes with no attachments to the phone company.

iMessage doesn’t work on 3G unless you use a VPN. Don’t bother unless you know what that means, it gets complicated.

MMS doesn’t work on SpeakOut. But you can send photos on iMessage on wifi (or if you do a VPN, on 3G).

Netflix and other streaming services that don’t use port 80 don’t work over 3G (again, unless you use a VPN)

I tend to use Google voice for texting, because it’s free :smile: And I tend to use Twitter to send photos these days.

$10/month, no contract. Can’t beat that, even if some stuff will only work on wifi.

I have it on my iphones and Ipads, we love it… MiG is right on all accounts… but Crackle does work, and for $10.00 unlimited like MiG also said you cant beat it…

What is Crackle?

sony’s version of netflick’s buts its free…

Haha! Thanks, just watched an episode of TJ Hooker. Good times.

I usually only play modern war and kingdom age by funzio on my
iPhone and check out YouTube a lot and I always go over my data
Limit. It sucks cause I always get charged at least $20 extra a month
If I don’t pay attention to my usage, thanks a lot for the info.

Youtube works for sure. Are those other two free? If so, I’ll install them in a second and let you know if they work over Speakout 3G.

Yes they are free, and thanks alot

Ok, looks like both Modern War and Kingdom Age work just fine over 3G on SpeakOut.

Do you have WiFi at home? Or do you go somewhere where they have it available (Tim Hortons, McDonalds, etc) ? There’s some stuff that you definitely need WiFi to make it work. Installing apps, for example. I had to use WiFi to install Modern War and Kingdom Age, then I turned it off and used 3G to actually connect to the servers and play them.

As a Sunday project, I’m going to do up a webpage with instructions on setting up SpeakOut on an iPhone. Stay tuned.


Gonna save me alotta $

here you go to start you on your way…

Host: goam.com
Proxy (if needed):
Username: wapuser1
Password: wap

You have to create and install a profile for Speakout.

  1. Obtain the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple, via their website. It’s a free download. A windows and Mac OS/X version exists.
    windows support.apple.com/downloads/iPh … or_Windows
    mac os support.apple.com/kb/DL1465

  2. Start the application.

3.Click on “Configuration Profiles” in the left column.

4.Click the “New” button in the top left corner.

5.Under the “General” section fill in the “Name” and “Identifier” fields with whatever you like, I used:

Name: “Speakout Wireless”
-Identifier: “com.speakout.wireless”
-In the “Advanced” section, enter the following:
APN: “goam.com
-User Name: “wapuser1”
-Password: “wap”
-Proxy Server: “”
-Port: “80”

6.Then attach your iPhone to the computer, it will show up in the left column under Devices. When you see it, click on it to select it.

7.In the right screen, click the “Configuration Profiles” tab. You should see the “Speakout Wireless” configuration you just created.

8.Click the “Install” button next to it.

Or, just go to unlockit.co.nz on your iPhone (on wifi) and select Canada - Speakout :smile: When I do up the website instructions, I’ll just include the profile that can be downloaded…

Ok, as promised, here’s Using an iPhone on SpeakOut with Unlimited Browsing. It’s a work in progress, so suggestions welcome.

I think that’s awesome Mig. I’ve had a bunch of people ask me how to do this and having one webpage to send them to will save me a lot of frustration… :smile:

The real easy bit is the unlockit.co.nz thing. It generates the profiles for you. When I’m travelling, I go there and e-mail myself profiles for the places I’m going to visit, just in case I can’t get WiFi. Then I just open my e-mail and install the profile.

So far, though, it’s only in the US that this is necessary. Most other places this happens automatically. You put in a SIM card, and the phone provider somehow sends the phone all the APN settings. Sort of the way DHCP works. I have no idea how it works, though. Time to do some research, I guess.

Like right now, I have a Telus and a Virgin Mobile SIM here. If I swap them in my phone, the phone somehow gets all the info it needs to connect to the internet. Same with Telcel in Mexico and others. I really wish SpeakOut would do the same thing – it would save those extra (sometimes confusing) steps.