3rd Ave

the sign says NO LEFT TURN FROM 4-6. why does everyone still turn left

It really pisses me off when there is a shit load of traffic at that intersection during that time and people still turn left! IDIOTS! I really think that a lot of people in this town should have to retake the driving test again.

Or …

…the ones who accelerate through intersections when there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

…or the ones who try to go around while someone is trying to parallel park.

…or the ones who stop in the middle of the intersection while someone is in the crosswalk.


or the ones who park and swing open thier door as far as it can go with out looking for cars coming and you have to swerve to the other lane to miss hitting them

Or, pedestrians who waltz out in front of cars without looking? And expect you, as a driver, to stop on a dime to let them cross because “pedestrians have the right of way”

I am not sure why so many people turn left. It’s not a new traffic rule/sign, that notice has been in place for a long time.

Probably the reason so many people turn left from 3rd Ave. onto Fulton is because its the only street between McBride and Bordon street to get to the West side.
Remember what a pain in the ass it was when Fulton was closed for all those moths?

On the subject of idiots, a lot of so called adults on bicycles should obey the same traffic laws that car drivers do! Does it say in the manual that comes with bikes that stop signs and red lights don’t apply to cyclists? One time I was stopped at the light in front of Hortons, in the right lane signalling right. I just started to make the turn when an adult cyclist cut in from behind me on the right! If I had hit the SOB, or if he hit me, whose fault would it have been? I have no problem with people on bikes if they aren’t  a traffic hazard, but I see a lot that are.
How about a law that states that all adults who operate bicycles must also own an insured motor vehicle. If they do not, then they should have to pass a written test on the rules of the road and licences and insure their bikes for liability. Cyclists seem to demand the use of public streets and highways, so pay for the privilege and obey the laws!

Or, drivers who don’t seem to realize that pedestrians have the right of way, especially at crosswalks. Even cops seem to have trouble with that rule at times.

Pedestrians do have the right away, BUT! as a driver who just gets to the crosswalk going 40 km/h when there is no pedestrians waiting to cross but all of a sudden one appears and starts walking out onto the road is fucking ridiculous! They deserve to be hit.
Today for example I was driving by where the old KFC used to be and before I got to that intersection/crosswalk, I looked for any sign of pedestrians that wanted to cross and didn’t see anyone except for a 2 lady’s pushing a stroller and they where walking on the sidewalk with no sign of them crossing.
So I drive as normal, I get right on the crosswalk and then they turn as to walk out onto the crosswalk walking full speed, NOT EVEN FREAKING LOOKING! THEY JUST WALK OUT LIKE THEY ARE GODDAMN INVINCIBLE and then yell at me!

That’s just plain inconsiderate Nestle…There should be some kind of etiquette that applies to pedestrians.  I love the ones who expect a damn semi on a role to come to a stop just so they can get to the mall faster. :imp:  Ass-holes, I don’t think anyone needs to be in that much of a hurry to get to the other side of the road…

Pedestrians do have the right of way, but that’s not going to make any difference when the person is lying dead in the morgue because they walked out in front of an oncoming car that didn’t have time to stop.

I got into an argument with a pedestrian like this once, she was walking beside me, and walked straight out in front of a car. I yelled at her and called her an idiot. She used that same argument, “pedestrians have the right of way” Well what the hell, you walked out from in between two parked cars, and you expect the car to stop for you? IT doesn’t matter if they CAN’T? How is your daughter going to feel about visiting you in the ICU? UGH!!!

In Downtown and the False Creek area of Vancouver, cyclists and pedestrians are oblivious to both cars AND traffic signals.

I’m apprehensive of crosswalks from having lived in a town where many drivers ignored them (even the police seldom stopped) and even more so after a little girl was hit by a pickup on 2nd and thrown several feet because the driver did not stop. I happened to walk by shortly thereafter. It was very unsettling.

Yes, some pedestrians are oblivious or inconsiderate or display numerous other character flaws or weaknesses; but the same can be said about some drivers.

I was in a town in Australia (Townsville) where the signs said that vehicles had the right-of-way at crosswalks. I think it had something to do with the numbers of bars in the area and drunks wandering onto the street. 

Perhaps that would be a solution. Drivers’ progress to wherever they must go would be less hindered and they could spend less of their lives being annoyed or indignant. 

Solution?  More Drunks wandering the street?

Of course not - putting up signs giving vehicles the right-of-way at crosswalks.

Perhaps the local authorities felt that drivers should not be responsible for pedestrians, which seems to be what some posters would prefer.  

I’d like to see some of the indignant pedestrians spend a week in downtown Montreal.

With our luck they would probably win the Super 7 or Lotto 649 >)

if you use your hand signal while driving you get a mulligan.  lol.  :imp:

I was just in Montreal at the end of June and the traffic there is ridiculous! I was afraid to cross even on a red light! Cars screeching to stops all over downtown. It was at the point where you had to run across the street and watch both sides to make sure no cars were coming at you!

And here drivers, pedestrians and cyclists all sit at the intersection and stare at each other for 10 minutes as no one knows how it “works”.
As an ex-Vancouver courier (you snooze - you lose) I get fists shaken when I blast right thru.
We have no idea who’s turn it was, but it wasn’t yours! :smiley: