#28 Where is this?

This should be easy.


No hints yet, but I’ll drop some as I’m answering questions.

Historical significance.

This looks like a long highway…

umm does this coast line belong to a country that is mainly English speaking?

Yes, the coast line belongs to a country where English is the dominant language.

This mainly-English-speaking country…does it have white stars and red stripes on it’s flag?


Does this country have a maple leaf in it’s flag?


ok… So i noticed theres no dot on it… so i guess the location.

Mid Van isle… but it looks like not much is around for housing… so i dont know if that is right. part of me says it looks like an airport so i wanna say Digby island… but im going to have to go with

Queen Charlotte Island - Sandspit airport.

No, this isn’t it.

Good guess though.

No dot on it, dunno why. The place is generally in the center of the photo, though the historical event happened throughout the photo.

Is it in British Columbia?

Not supposed to answer those types of questions, remember?

No it isn’t.

Is this place known as a “discovery” site?

Is the main body of water fresh?

Tough one, but not one of the usual “discovery” places. That’s not the significance I’m talking about, anyway.

Is the runway (or what appears to be a runway) of significance in figuring out this puzzle?

As far as I can tell, yes.

Well, partly, yes, I suppose so. The particular historical event I have in mind didn’t happen on that particular runway.

I going to have to say it was a battle in Ontario, in the 1800’s. Not too sure on the event

No, that’s not it…

Stephenville Newfoundland?


Best to ask questions than to take guesses, I think.