1 Night Stand

For all you HUGE wrestling fans in P.R. LOL, here is an updated card for ECW’s “One Night Stand”

Lance Storm with Dawn Marie vs Chris Jericho

Extreme luchador action:
Rey Mysterio vs Psychosis

A three way dance:
The insane luchador Super Crazy vs Tajiri with Sinister Minister vs Little Guido

Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman vs Bubba & D-Von Dudley

ECW One Night Stand will feature special appearances by:
Paul Heyman
The return to PPV of Rob Van Dam with Bill Alfonso
Spike Dudley
Al Snow with Head
Balls Mahoney
Danny Doring and Roadkill
CW Anderson
Joel Gertner
Axl Rotten
Justin Credible
Kid Kash
Masato Tanaka
Mikey Whipwreck with Sinister Minister
The BWO - Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova, and The Blue Guy


LOL! Read Read Read. NOW! :smiling_imp:

Delirious, I wish you were a midget!

That still wouldn’t make wrestling any better

aww, no Steve Corino that’s a shame.

The next big promotion is coming fast.

NWA-TNA. I find this wrestling old school and better.

TNA secures the deal with WGN, the show is expected to air on Monday nights beginning June 20, and will be a two-hour live show, rather than a one-hour taped show as was the case with Fox Sports Net. The show would also air from 8-10PM, meaning one hour head-to-head with WWE RAW. The show would be live every other week, with taped shows taking place the day after the live event.

If everything goes according to plan, Matt Hardy is expected to be part of TNA in its’ early weeks on the WGN station.

This thread name wasnt about what I thought it was.

I’m off to Calgary to watch MONDAY NIGHT RAW live in person, leaving ing 30 mins.
Going to see my hero Captain Carisma. I’ve got a feeling he’ll put in a dominating performance. If not At least William Regal will be there probably being “besmurged”. And finally WOOOOOOOO, Ric Flair in person. Its gonna be great.

Wrestling is gay. Lets watch sweaty old men fight.

CC Dynamo, make a nice bIg sign, make us proud.

"Hello Prince Rupert! I made it to RAW!"
Also say hi to my cuz in calgary dude! :laughing:

K, theres like 922,000 people in Calgary, I am sure he’s going to go door to door asking if their your cousin.

Hey Corrupt_File, SHOO FLYE SHOO!

you Doogie! :laughing:

or Stink Doogie! :laughing: :laughing:

What is your major malfunction?

Et le pardon mois francais! Or Non!!!


Its sweet that their going to have a ppv just for ECW wrestlers, but with the whole alliance of wwe wrestlers going to the ppv is stupid.

and i hope sabu is going to be there and mikey whipwreak



I wasn’t aware there was so many wrastling fans out there still… :confused:

I said it more than once before, and I’ll say it again. WCW SUCKS!!.. it’s all acting, and the shitteist acting on tv at that, next to soap operas. Wait wresting is a soap opera, and in this soap opera, the women are bigger than most men, and sacrificed their boobs, and period to look like another freak of nature.