1 Night Stand

ecw was kinda amusing, but wwe and wcw suck.

[quote] I said it more than once before, and I’ll say it again. WCW SUCKS!!.. it’s all acting, and the shitteist acting on tv at that, next to soap operas. Wait wresting is a soap opera, and in this soap opera, the women are bigger than most men, and sacrificed their boobs, and period to look like another freak of nature.

And now are you proud that you got that big monkey off your wet back?
So it’s entertainment. Get over it. Or do you watch that survivor and fear factor crap! Fucken americans eating shit that we would’nt even think about eating. Stuff like cow balls, penis and crap like that.

At least we see T’N’A on WWE!

That reality TV crap is even worse. In fact most stuff on tv is crap. Except for Family Guy and the Simpson.

I don’t watch family guy. Is it any good, but I have been a loyal yellow belly fan most of my life.

Apu rules!

Blue Meanie Comments On JBL’s Shoot Incident Last Night

The Blue Meanie posted the following comments this afternoon on his website’s blog (the blog also featured a photo of his face):

What turned out to be a beautiful weekend came to end on a sour note. I guess by now you all know what happened last night between Bradshaw and myself. It’s no secret that Bradshaw never liked me from my first day in the WWE to my last. What I did to the guy to piss him off I don’t know but then maybe I never needed to know. Bradshaw has always had the rep of being a bully and a liberty taker in the ring and he also has a rep of getting away with it.

Once the ECW/WWE brawl started I paired of with Coach and I felt a punch come from out of nowhere. My first instinct was to hit back BUT I also had the issue of trying to protect the 14 staples I have in my head. I got some rib shots in the best I could but he got the upper hand with going to my face, opening a fresh wound on my forehead and swelling my eye.

All I saw was red as the blood fill me eyes and I believe it was Maven I pulled on top of me to get him to “choke” me. After he got cleared out guys came up to check on me and we went on the other deal with Austin and Bischoff and the big post brawl party in the ring. As F***ed up as what Bradshaw did, the crowd reaction had me so buzzed that I didn’t feel anything.

I got to the back and Bradshaw was in a part of the gorilla position. He came over like he was going to do something else but people got in between. He was yelling about me talking about him on the Internet. The rest of what he said I didn’t hear cause I was too busy saying, “Yo, it’s a work!â€

that was crazy ppv. the enviorment was the same like back in the day. and the heyman shoot was nuts. he had the balls to say all that stuff to eric, edge and jbl.

Hide your wives its edge… and the only reason you were wwe champion for a year was because HHH didnt want to work tuesdays.

I liked the entire ppv, but hte only thing wrong was with the jbl and meanie incident.