Zune hits the stores today

I saw on the news that the zune was coming out today yet i don’t find myself wanting to buy one. the fact that you can share music doesn’t seem that appealing.

Finally, a player that I can use how I want. I’m so sick of being ruled over by Apple’s monopoly. Let the music revolution begin!


Too bad the Zune puts DRM around every file you put on it.  And it won’t play music you bought from Microsoft !  How ironic that if you bought “Playsforsure” music from Microsoft, it won’t play for sure on Microsoft’s music player?

This is going to bomb bigger than Microsoft Bob.

Nobody wants to have their music locked up.

That will have a crack for it in no time

Why should you have to crack your own music?

Let’s say you record a song (you’re a “musician”, aren’t you?).  Save it as an mp3 and put it on your Zune.  Bingo, it’s wrapped in DRM. 

Here’s a guy buying a Zune:

flx-tech.net/2006/11/zune_on … buy_1.html

Good screenshots, including:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

“Apple is the new Microsoft of music”


Here are some thoughts on the possibility of Apple’s new mobile phone / ipod combo:

blackfriarsinc.com/blog/2006 … eting.html