Zen verse Ipod again

If i was to get one of these which would you recommend?

Im thinking the Zen cause it has a longer video battery life, and a better screen.

If you’re using video and wifi, it has a lot shorter battery life.

Then you’re also stuck in DRM hell with it.  It wraps every music file in DRM, even if it’s legally ripped.

Here’s a good summary of iPod vs Zune:

scobleizer.wordpress.com/2006/10 … e-vs-ipod/

Also, you should beware that you’re comparing what Microsoft claims to what is actually known about the iPod (ie: what Microsoft says the battery life will be versus what is known about the iPod).

The “no podcasts” thing would be a killer thing for me – I subcribe to a bunch of podcasts, music, talk, public radio, and video podcasts.  Why would they leave that off the Zune?

Some guy cracked the drm on the ipod

There’s no real DRM on the iPod, it’s on the music store.

If you’re just using mp3s that you rip or download, there’s no DRM at all. 

You’re thinking about the iTunes music store.

I’ve got 18 gigs of music on my iPod.  The drm obviously doesnt keep you from putting ripped music on it.

I think he’s asking about the Zen, as in made by Creative.  Or is that a typo?

Does the Video Ipod require a certian format of video?
Its not worth it if i have to spend hours converting all my videos.

mpeg-4, I think.

its probably not worth watching videos on a 3" screen either…