NEW RUMOUR ALERT! We all know that Target has bought the majority of Zellers leases in Canada, including the one in Rupert, now apparently Target has packaged a few dozen of these leases and sold them to Wal-Mart. Rumour has it that the Zellers in Rupert will now be turned into a Wal-Mart and not a Target store. The store will be expanded with Reitmans and Workwear World moving downstairs. Shoppers Drug Mart is also still looking at moving into the old Extra Foods site in the lower mall. Would be nice to see some storefront action in the mall.

If you don’t know for sure, don’t post it, or talk about it.

I wanna hear facts, not rumors.

Doesn’t make sense for Wal-Mart (or Canadian Tire) to open in Rupert. Anyone who wants to shop there will just drive to Terrace, as they do already.

Take a walk through either of those stores on Saturday, and it’s all Prince Rupert people there :smile:

My guess is this is the article that started the speculation:
cbc.ca/news/business/story/2 … arget.html

However, it does not specifically mention sites. 220 Zellers stores, 105 of them to become Target, 39 leases picked up by Walmart, leaving 76 to remain as Zellers or be picked up by other retailers.

LOL@ Walmart opening in the Rupert Square… They already have us going to Terrace why on earth would they bother coming here…
This Zellers could be mooth balled…

What is a “mooth” and do they have balls??

Sorry typo Mothballed…

“mothballed” and “put into mothballs” to refer to anything which is put into storage or whose operation is suspended.

I’m certainly no expert, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a Walmart in a mall. They always have their own building. Have they ever been in a mall?

When they first came to Canada, Wal-marts were largely in malls. That’s because they took over the Woolco chain, I think. But they eventually built their standalone stores, and left the malls.

Wallmart used to be in the mall in Chilliwack until just recently they built one of their own

Don’t get your hopes up. The Zellers stores will not turn into WalMarts. WalMart intends to use them for a new chain it owns Urban90.
They are to WalMart like Fields is to Zellers. Creme de la crap.

Nanaimo’s Walmart is attached to a mall.


The Prince Rupert and Port Edward Economic Development Corporation has launched a campaign to attract retailers to the area.

PREDC just announced it has sent 40-letters to major retail corporations asking them to consider expanding their business to the North Coast.

The corporation highlighted the business-friendly tax regime in Prince Rupert, and invited businesses to locate in Prince Rupert’s Commercial and Industrial complex, 140kms east on highway 16. The new business park is known as “Terrace.”

Wal-Mart has many successful stores that just happen to be located inside Malls. Take for instance the Powell River Wal-Mart, it is in the local mall and is located in the old Wolco/Wolworth store. Not only is it a smaller space than our Zellers location but it one of the top selling stores per capita in BC.

I’m not saying Wal-Mart is coming to Prince Rupert, but i am saying that if it does the location speculated would be more sufficient. There are well established examples of the the “smaller” Wal-Mart locations through out BC and Canada, placing a large Wal-Mart in a town of our size would be absurd. Not only do we lack the population but we also lack a skilled and dedicated work force to operate a store of a larger size. (sorry but it’s true).