Zellers sold to American company

Once they sign the deal it looks like Zellers will be bought by Target of the US

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Wonder if they keep the Rupert store open after all of this?

Further details, only a certain number of the Zellers stores are going to be rebranded as Target, they don’t say what happens to the rest of the chain’s stores.

financialpost.com/news/retai … story.html

My guess is they they will turf this store, but if they don’t it should be much improved…
Zellers has nothing to offer here right now, so if it is bettered by Target thats awesome but if they shut it down, it’s no great loss.

Target isn’t much different from a zellers, customer wise anyway.
Will they pull out, I doubt it.
My 2 cents, under American management they’ll can the existing management team and put in someone who’ll push hard and crack a whip. I would imagine they’ll want to redo their lease as well.
For this store its far overdue.
I can’t see them closing the northern coridor down, especially in PR.
In the complete lack of competition this store should be making a killing, even in our economy.

I hope they turf much of the staffing at this store and pick and choose who they re hire…
Target if they keep this store open won’t run a dump like what’s been going on…

Looks like Target is going to convert 220 of the existing 279 Zellers stores in Canada into Targets, and will leave the remaining 59 stores as Zellers to run under the HBC banner or sell some of them to other retailers (Wal-Mart is mentioned).

I wonder if Rupert’s Zellers will be one of the 220 or 1 of the 59…our luck, we will end up being one of the 59.

I amagine all Zeller’s Select locations will remain Zellers, so hopefully that helps our store considering ours is not part of the “select” brand.

Read the number of converted Zellers is set around 150. This will leave about 100 of the present Zellers out of luck.

I know my aunt said she is no longer a zellers employ but a target employ. they are saying that it is gonna take something like 30 days to do a full change over or some thing crazy like that…she hasnt been let go, and has heard nothing on them closing that store.

They said they are converting 220. They hope to convert 100 to 150 of the 220 by 2013, and the remainder will be converted after that time.

What Zellers does she work at? The one in Rupert?

the land that zellers sits on is on first nation land they better consult with them