Zellers - Last day for points March 11, 2012

See this posted on Hecate Straight FB Page.

Tammylee Angus

Well to all our loyal costumers of Zellers you have only until sunday March 11th to redeem your points, after that we’re not using rewards cards, going into liquidation so hope to see you all there just 12 or 11 weeks left 'n no more Zellers in Prince Rupert. Have a nice day 'n keep smiling:)

Redeem your points ASAP.

Thanks for the heads-up. :smile:

I can understand our Zellers maybe not giving HBC points but why would you have to redeem your points when you can still collect at other Zellers, The Bay and Home Outfitters when travelling? I haven’t seen any advertising or notices in our Zellers about no more points after tomorrow, has anyone seen anything?

I believe the reference is to the $10/In-Store-Only cards. Points can still be redeemed on-line.