Zedd's Yahoo Group

To keep up in the fast moving world that is Lord Zedd’s Homepage, includes new features, pictures, polls, giving your opinion and submitting your pictures, check out the new YAHOO group called just "ZEDD’S GROUP"
movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/Ze … =103054710
You can vote on the movies I review and talk to other members about what kind of things you want to see on my site.



I’m sorry dude, but nobody wants to join your Yahoo group. I thought you should know.

We still cool?

Never shoulda’ trusted a juggalo.

Juggalo? For the record, no one here wants to join true. But I have 15 people join in less then a week.

does your mom know what you do with your spare time?


Identity revealed!

what kind of fag uses tripod?


Ahaha a writer/actor? You homo.