Youtube help

1/2 the videos I go to watch just say loading for 10 mins and dont even play.
Anyone else experiencing this?

No problems over here.  Perhaps you have some security settings that are preventing it from running?  What browser are you using?

firefox 2.0 im using wireless at bcit they have wired to, which is faster…
I can open 3 or 4 meg songs instantly of the net

It’s a YouTube issue, so I think you have to get used to it.

Who knows what the monkeys are doing behind the scenes…

Hmm I browse youtube daily and I don’t have any problems with it,

a 10 Minute HiDef video takes a few minutes at most to load up.

maybe you’re having some connection issues with them?

Clear your Ie cache, sounds like its either full or just cluttered. ( IE or Firefox. )

Dont think so, its a brand new laptop

hmm it seems to be loading the whole video before it will even play, it use to stream right away and pause if it played faster then the download

Which Anti-Virus, Firewall do you use?

i disabled them

Why have you disabled your firewall, anti-virus program?  Just curious. :smile:

Yeah, I was asking about your anti-virus & firewall because when I was using Kaspersky 7.0 it scanned youtube videos before actually playing them. =o

so if it were a 10 minute video, it would scan the video for a few minutes then finally play it =