You're looking a little stiff there constable!

Vancouver Police have found a new weapon in the fight against crime, the cardboard cop.

Launching what has been called “Operation Silhouette” Vancouver police have been setting up cardboard cutouts of radar carrying police officers, designed to slow down the frantic pace of Vancouver traffic.

Just to keep things honest on the streets, regular police officers apparently can occasionally be found standing behind the cut outs, ready to distribute actual speeding tickets for those that dare to disregard the Constable Cardboard’s of the streets…

( from  the blog a town called podunk,  click on the link below to see the entire article … 2889862857 )-

As long as a cardboard cutout in the passenger seat counts for the car pool lane, then we’re even.

The funny thing is, this proposal isn’t all that far off from some of the things the cops do over here.  One thing they do is stick reflective tape on telephone poles in the shape of the belt and harness that the cops wear as part of their uniforms, as well as another strip around where the helmet would be.  Useless during the day, marginally less so at night.

Then there are the metal cutouts in the shape of the top of a cop car with its lights, and the lights flash periodically.  From a distance, it kinda does look like a cop car, since they usually put them on corners.  I’ll try and get some shots of them sometime soon.

Do they have those photo-realistic billboards of moose in the national parks here?  I can’t remember where I saw them – maybe in the US or in Newfoundland. 

Anyway, great idea, it’s a big wooden moose with a photo pasted on that looks just like the real thing.  It’s to make you aware that the real thing may be just around the corner.

Not such a great idea once your brain starts dismissing anything that resembles a moose as just another sign.