You say you want a referendum, well we all wanna change the tax

The return of Bill Vander Zalm to the province’s political scene took another step today, as Gordon Campbell’s worst nightmare found favour from Elections BC and can now move forward on his plans to over turn the proposed HST in British Columbia.

Like a boy with his Lego set, the former Premier plans on building up support block by block across the province, as he and his fellow axe the tax coalition members fan out to sign up names in a petition to force the issue back to the Liberal government…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article … 6842  )

So - 10% of the 15,681 registered voters in the North Coast constituency is 1,568. (numbers based on May 2009 Prov Election).

So do you think we can get 1,600 signatures demanding a referendum on the HST.

North Coast communities include: Haida Gwaii communities, Prince Rupert, Port Edward, North Coast villages, Central Coast villages right down to and including Rivers Inlet.

I think we can.