You always want to be remembered by your most recent work

Monica Lamb Yorski of the Daily News provided the best of the weeks reviews on the passing of Walter Smith, Prince Rupert’s iconic man of tourism, so respected that he was showered with many accolades and awards over the years.

From the brief page three mention of his passing in Wednesday’s edition, Ms. Lamb Yorski expanded significantly Friday on a remarkable life lived on the north coast, one which saw much change in the community he called home for 94 years.

It was a final assignment that probably couldn’t have been left in better hands, having lived a good number of years in the community, Ms. Lamb Yorski perhaps had the best vantage point of Mr. Smith’s life. Through her time at the Daily, her features and personality profiles have been among her strongest of works, so the match seemed perfect for a farewell review of Mr. Smith’s life.

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