Yertle has rights too!

The following is from a recent BCTF news report:

“Local freedom of expression grievances filed in Cranbrook, Nanaimo, Vancouver, and Prince Rupert were settled in the BCTF’s favour and with prejudice. This includes the infamous Yertle the Turtle situation in Prince Rupert. Teachers who were told to remove buttons, t-shirts, or signs bearing political and other messages received apologies, and the school districts involved admit their administrators overstepped the bounds of their authority in issuing such orders. Teachers have had written and verbal directions, as well as disciplinary letters, removed from their personnel files.”

Congrats Yertle!

Sadly, it seems that the relationship between teachers and the board office, became during the reign of Stigant and Hoffman, one of no compromise and the winner takes all.

Some very good educators left the local district during their tenure.

Good on you Yertle for sticking your neck out!

The District is standing by its new found conviction to educate children in the worst way.
And they’re succeeding.

Psst…I know we’re trying to keep this just between us but….Yertle is no longer silent: … -1.1494652 … e14849163/ … 86914.html

So…which one of you let the turtle out of the bag?

Hopefully the above links will not work and Yertle will remain silent.

Freedom of speech is a fundamental part of the Canadian experience. Good news indeed.