Yearly Utilities bill

I got my water, garbage and sewer bill recently.  Does anyone know of a discount you can get off it?  I know you can get 10 percent off.  I heard of another discount or refund you can get if your living alone, or a first time house owner?

only 10 % off if you pay by the time it states on the bill. as far as i know

10% discount is a lie.

But anyway…

Fail troll is Fail.  :smiley:

If you live in a house on the shady side of the street you can get 10 per cent off for every percentage of sunshine you don’t get in your windows.

What time of year is the measurement done - as this could be drastically different depending upon the season…

Whens the latest you can pay this bill? anyone know? can you make payments

you can pay it whenever just may be interest on it and you wont get the “discount”

Yes, and please make cheque payable to … umm… PLA.