Yeah Bill Vander zalm vs hst

Now to me that is a scary thought but then again he is going after Gordo first, then what? Which should be kind of interesting and also bringing back bad memories for all.

Well I guess everyone is too young to remember such a man tried to change the world starting with Britis Columbia Justin. Kind of like your Watts riots which you mentioned a few weeks ago in one of your posts. Maybe Bills addiction to Nutmeg would ring a bell.

I don’t particularily like the guy (Wham Bam Vanderzam) but I’ve learned that you should judge people on the actions they take, regardless of the blibber blabber they talk. This is a good stand, and if the initiative stands to get British Columbians out of the HST loop - we should all stand behind the initiative. Information packets for everyone; put them in your businesses. How/Where/When to sign up/Do what you have to - to get onto the petition bandwagon.

The HST is a pathetic cash grab that will hurt every single BColumbian. :smile:

Agreed.  The Liberals had the opportunity to let us know prior to the election that they were going to introduce the HST, but, they chose not to.  They will face the electorate in 2013.

I’m not too worried about WillyZahm mobilizing people to rally against the HST.  He is motivated by self interest in this fight as the HST hurts him as a business owner.  I hope the Zahmer is successful in his fight!

Well I believe that I read he has the ok from the courts to carry on. His name still sends chills down the back.

He probably wants to make sure that in the future, anyone who has business dealings with ladies in flower hats is exempt from all taxes. :smiley: … df7390778a … a35c36cec6 … sy-gardens

hes not any worse than any politician we’ve had after him really is he?

Well that’s damning him with faint praise! Talk about the low bar.

What I don’t get is how the NDP managed to let an old Socred take the lead on an issue that should have been theirs to run the table with.

Somebody is asleep at the switch at the Ole NDP headquarters.

i don’t support any of the parties . but he trying to do something that we all want so why not support him?

The HST with a larger personal tax exemption, or perhaps a removal of medical premiums would be palatable.
So would the honesty of ‘we need more money’ instead of phoney bullshit about how it’s going to ‘save’ you shit. It’ll save Canfor, Telus etc money. It will cost your corner store and you money.
Pointless to run around flapping gums and offering no alternative whatsoever. Even if you do have a meaningless slogan like ‘Axe the Tax’ or "It’s a Tax on Everything’.
Can’t wait to sling that all over the Net when Harper has no choice but to institute some kind of Carbon policy!

You mean we might get a carbon tax on our carbon tax which will then be taxed with hst?

… revenue neutral of course.