Yard work ( not advertising LOL )

I will be doing done yard work which will require a retaining wall and a fence bordering on my next door neighbours yard. There is already an existing soil retention issue with this border.  The work I am doing will be a benefit to their yard. The retaining wall might not be necessary as it will not be a lot of soil added.

Is it acceptable to ask if they wish to share some of the cost??

They do not currently have an issue with the soil, and are good neighbours, offering to allow us to hook up to their drainage pipe system.

I think it’s standard to ask for neighbours to pitch in for fencing costs, but I’m not sure about anything other than that…  It probably wouldn’t hurt to ask, as long as you’d be okay with any answer given…  Don’t ask if you don’t want to hear a “no”.

I know that it costs a considerable amount to have the City add a storm/drainage connection to their system and if you are using theirs, I think that would more than cover the cost of fence posts.

Its also not a good idea to connect to their storm drains because if theirs plug up…yours plug up.  I would ask the City if you have an existing storm hookup.  It might  be more work initially (digging) but with the amount of rain we get around here it will probably be worth it in the long run.  Just my opinion.  :neutral_face:

I don’t know what applies here in Rupert but back in Hamilton where I hail from, if your intention is to install a new fence, the “good” side must face your neighbours’ yard unless you have made your own arrangements with them. Otherwise all aspects of the building code for the region apply but I don’t know about here. It helps if you have a good rapport with your neighbours though . In any event, if you wish to beautify Your yard, why should your neighbour have to kick in unless they get the “good” side  ? :smiley: