Yankees Sink to Bottom of AL East

This is so sweet!!!

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Major lineup changes, a team meeting and a visit to the ballpark by The Boss. Nothing stopped the
New York Yankees from sinking to the bottom of the AL East during a miserable road trip to Tampa Bay, which won three of four to dump the seven-time defending division champions into a tie for last place.

“We have just not played up to our capability or up to our expectations,” manager Joe Torre said after a 6-2 loss Thursday night left New York seven games under .500 for the first time since July 18, 1995.

Money cant buy ya championships anymore in Baseball.

Go Jays! Go A’s!

Go Expos!
Sound like someone will be fired soon on the Yanks.

Let’s get serious. The season is 162 games long. They have only played 30. 162-30=132 games remaining. I’m not saying, here and now that they are going to win the division, but they will be heard from by the All Star break.

I’m a realist. I know they are sucking right now. And the thing about it is that there isn’t one particular thing that is wrong, it’s everything. A pitcher happens to throw a decent game, and they don’t give run support. Their hitting comes alive, and their pitching gives up more than they score. They have probably only played 4 games this year where everything has worked at the same time.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see Steinbrenner make a move of some kind (hopefully it’s not Torre because he is awesome), but it is waaaaaay too early to write them off completely.

Oh, and by the way, someone should tell Corrupt_File that the Expos are in Washington now. They are called the Nationals.

I knew I would get the Empire’s attention. :laughing:
It does happen though, stong teams with alot of money do have a shitty season sometimes in franchise history. Look what is happening with NY’s other sucky team, the Rangers. Lots of spending and no production.

Sure the Yanks won in the past, buy this could be the season where they stalked up GOOD again, but have a sub 500 season.

Look at what Ted Turner has been doing, letting his George Costanza spend spend spend with only one championship in 13 years.


Shitty season’s happen. I totally agree with the fact that you can’t buy chemistry. We’ve got a lot of high profile players (Jeter, Sheffield, A-Rod, Matsui, etc.), but you make them play well with each other.

I’ve been a Yankees fan since '77. They were good then, but then in the mid-'80’s they sucked royally. I waved through those waters and revelled in the success they have had in the past 8 years or so.

And comparing the Yankees to the Rangers is a low blow. At least the Yankees have reaped the rewards of spending their cash. Maybe not the past 3 years but they have had a pretty good run. The Rangers have tried and tried to buy a winning team but haven’t done anything since they beat the 'Nucks in '94. Talk about no chemistry.

It’s a long season. And hey…woohoo…Yanks beat Oakland today. Four-hit bagel for Moose.

I say, go Red Sox! They rock, and it was so sweet when they beat the Yankees in the playoffs last year. I believe the Yankees are way overrated, and their pitchers are getting old, so they are more likely to suck this year. There is so much talent in the MLB, and it’s definitely not all in the Yankees.

It’s funny how all of the Red Sox “fans” come out of the woodwork when they beat big, bad old Yankees. All of a sudden everyone’s rooting for the Red Sox. It’s like people rooting for Tampa Bay when they won the Stanley Cup. There’s no such thing as a Tampa Bay fan. I’m sure that there are Red Sox fans north of the border, but why is it you never hear from them when they sucked?

Well said Darth!

I talk about the Red Sox all the time, even when they were losing, and from what I can remember there were no other forum topics about baseball since I’ve been on here, so I thought I would root for my fave team when I have the chance! :smile:

If you are a loyal fan then that’s cool. I should say ‘congratulations’ for having the “curse” broken. It’s the “all of a sudden” fans that rub it in my face about the Sox winning that bother me.

so what, i hated them until they wooped your asses and now they are my heros, you guys should seriously think about getting a better sports team!! hahahha losers

This is a perfecet example of what I was talking about before. I don’t like the Yankees because they load up on players in order to try and win the World Series. I have liked the Yankees for 28 years. I’ve liked them when they won AND when they were really bad AND when they won. I hardly think I’m gonna get a new team because some wagon jumper tells me I should.

You shouldn’t get a new team because some bandwagon jumper tells you to, you should get a new team because your team sucks.

I’m not even in a bandwagon, I’m in an ah-64 apache, taking strafing runs at the wagon-train with 38mm FFAR rockets.

observing professional sports. what a crock. living vicariously might seem like an enjoyable pastime, in the same vein that eating beetle shit flavoured generic brand grape nuts might seem like breakfast.

Hey, I just bought Safeway brand “Honey and Nut Toasted Oats”, because it was half the price of Honey Nut Cheerios. Haven’t tried it yet, though.

Face the facts, The Blue Jays will bring the Stanley Cup back home. :laughing:

Alrighty then.

Please tell me you’re not serious…the Stanley Cup? You do know what sport the Blue Jays play right?

Tried them. They don’t stay as crunchy for as long, but a pretty good value nonetheless.

The Welfare Family brand Fruit Loops clone makes good stucco!