Yahoo [bot] and msn [bot]

these actual users or are they trolling you cant click on their names . just made me curious with the names?

Answered in another thread, here’s the short answer: they are the crawlers of these search engines coming to index the site.

[quote=“MiG”]Well, the ones we’ve seen are all identified by their IP addresses.

The phpBB software labels them as bots, and doesn’t feed them all the extras from the site – no graphics, no recent topics, etc. That way if Google comes along and decides to read 60 posts at once, it doesn’t slow down the server by forcing it to generate 60 different pages, including the graphics and dynamic stuff.

Basically they see this kind of thing instead –[/quote]

ah ok thanks man musta missed it

Can someone explain to me who the following are?

Who is online: Google Adsense [Bot], MSN [Bot],Yahoo [Bot]

Answered for the 3rd time now :smile:

They are webcrawlers belonging to search engines. They are one reason that we had to switch software.

phpBB identifies they as bots, and serves them lighter pages.