XP registry tweaks

I have been using these for a while now, they are safe, thought I would share these with you all as I have found alot of them very usefull, check them out here:


Thanks Chris, ive book marked it :smile:

I did too. Tired of after all these years servicing XP computers, every week I get one with a trouble I never even heard of before…

Format C: /s /q /u that should be tbe first tweak you use, then open cd rom drive, insert UBUNTU cd, install and then bill customer.

Ive played with xp so much.  I think I once spent a month on tweaking xp.
The best tweaks I found was to disable system services you were no using.
Using a software program that restores your computer to the settings you want every time you restart your computer is the best.

HKLM - Software - Microsoft - Windows - Current Version - Run - (Default) - Ubuntu