XP Home Repair

The friggin HOME edition doesn’t have the built in 2nd REPAIR option! And lots of people got whacked by SP2 so bad, you can’t even boot to SAFE.
Anyone know a better way than reinstall and cut&paste the old user docs&settings? Like the good old regedit/restore from the bootdisk?

One word BART…

It helps : O ) and we work on this problem . bart can help alot in this sp2 with windows xp home.

: O)

BArt is good to boot, use CLI commands, scan for virus, etc. Need to start XP to access add/remove programs or system restore.
6 instances of no boot after SP2, with XP Pro you can use the 2nd repair function (MS recommends) then you need to redo all the upgrades again. Home version blows, it will delete existing install and reinstall but loses registry entries for programs. OK if you have the legit program CDs.
HEre’s the goodie: the retards paid someone $400 to ‘copy’ a mapping prog onto HDD! No CD! Total DUHHH but now they’re pissed that
1: “I” screwed up their computer (that wouldn’t even start and now does, has all their files intact)
2: I won’t give it back until they pay for the reinstall
3. I told them to go ahead and call the cops, and tell them about the illegal software while they’re at it.
hee hee Joe Shit disturber at work!
BTW it’s a Dell. Proper proceedure is to use restore disks and wipe everything. And it’s NOT warranty work!

um bart does alot more than yo think you just don’t have a cd that is made of more tools that is all.

email me personaly ill help ya…

Home sucks, never buy it, can’t run crap.

Trust me I have it,.

Go out by better version, home is not worth the work.

Pro works fine for me, but I haven’t tried it with SP2 yet though.