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How can I change my XP Home settings so that each user has his/her own desktop and start menu (instead of all users sharing the same ones)?

control panel USERS - add user. Then you need to log on, you get private almost everything

Didn’t work.

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X:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu

I doubt that it’s the Microsoft Certified Way but it works.

Then reboot into safe mode and log on as administrator. Then you can add users in the control panel.
Or better: get rid of it go XP Pro.


Well, I finally dumped Windows from my work desktop. Buh bye. The one or two windows apps I need will be run by remote desktop, other than that, I’m OS X and Linux only. I got sick of fixing windows when I should have been working.

Speaking of dumping windows, I don’t use the word “Chupacabra” enough in everyday life. That’s going to change too.

I used the word Chupacabra today.

However, I once managed to invoke the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in casual conversation, and it was my crowning linguistic accomplishment.

“Fixing Windows” has become an industry all unto itself that employs millions of geeks worldwide.


“Fixing Windows” has become an industry all unto itself that employs millions of monkeys worldwide.[/quote]


Heres a question: with XP pro, can I do the switch users thing that leaves the users logged and just switches between accounts?


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Great episode, featured El Chupacabra and a Prince reference. How good is that?

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