I can not emphasize enough how terrible this movie was.

The story and special effects were bad.  Very, very bad.  They shouldn’t have bothered editing out the wires when characters flew because it was BAD!


So, um, thumbs up or thumbs down for you?

From his remark’s id say Thumb’s Up !

I wish movies were like meals at restaurants.  You know, when you take a bite and say “oh man, this sucks, send it back!”  Or they don’t charge you for it if it sucked. 

The theatre will give you your money back if you walk out while the movie is still on… just not close to the end.  I know of people who have walked out halfway on a couple flicks and they’ve always got their cash back.

But who can watch just half of a bad movie?  It’s like you have to keep watching it to see just how stupid it gets.

Blame it on the PG rating.

Any movie with this much potential should be at least 14-A.

This really doesnt surprise me, im sure it falls right in line with the other two.

Yeah the other two sucked… but Katie was Shadow Cat, in X2.

I never took too fondly to the X-Men movies anyway, but they were better than the other Marvel movies out there that’s for sure.

I agreed and I haven’t seen the movie yet  :stuck_out_tongue:

The movie did suck. I was let down harshly and I’m sad I spent money on it :frowning:

90% of the time when someone tells me a movie sucks I like it.

I liked it.

I heard Material Girlz and Phat Girlz are both horrible movies.

You may like em’.  Considering both of them have made IMDB’s Top 3 worst movies.