X-fire Needs Your Support and Help! Yahoo Lawsuit on Xfire


Yahoo is trying to sue x-fire and they need your help. I’ve found an online petition and I would like people to sign it. http://www.petitiononline.com/Xfire/petition.html X-fire is the messenger for gamers and it’s a great program to have. Free with no spyware. You can join your friend’s games online with just the click of a button. It may only be text messaging but it’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends online.

I’ve never used that program…but I just may sign the petition for shits and giggles

03/10/05 at 09:21 AM EST

Nah... this is stupid. They are attacking XFire isntead of gamespy and steam because XFire is a smaller corporation, not to mention the fact that one of there previous employees works for them. So that gives them something to run with. To be honest, XFire is better than any gaming program out there. Not a huge interface like gamespy. Yahoo is losing their popularity to google. Google's search engine is better and there e-mail holds 1 gigabyte of space. How can you beat that? To be honest, once this thing is over, why not piss them off a little more? When someone starts trouble with me, I take payback to the next level. Why not start a XFire e-mail account that interacts with the instant messenger itself. Hell, even through in a miniture search bar on xfire that uses Google's search engine. Wouldn't be a bad Idea honesty. Yahoo is a big corporation that makes lots of money. Why pick on someone? XFire is good. Seeing Eye isn't useful at all. It doesn't even look nice. It makes you want to try and get rid of it from existance all together. Once XFire WINS this case. You might want to kick it with that e-mail idea... I know I would use it. :smile: paybacks a b**** ain't it? :smile:

I highly doubt they’ll take you seriously with 100 signatures like this, and the rest being…LOL!!! Don’t SUE…OR I WONT USE YAHOO EVER AGAIN…LOL happy face

well last time i checked this petition there was 2000+ signatures not 100. A lot of gamers like x-fire more than yahoo.