X-Box Ring of Death

My X-Box recently got the Ring of Death.  I bought it about 2 years ago so the warrenty is up.  Is there any way to fix this problem without having to send it away??
If someone has advise that works, is there anyway to avoid this problem in the future?

Search Youtube, there are several clips which can work.

I can fix the RROD, PM me.

Just please don’t do the towel trick…Does more harm than good.

Why not just contact Microsoft and send it away?  Usually people get like a free 1 month XBL subscription and even if not still under warranty, have the Xbox fixed for free.

You might also try Kris at Good Times Games - he might have some experience repairing Xboxen.

2 days

buddy at the pc store by overwaitea fixes consoles and to avoid the problem get a ps3 my 360 has crapped out twice the wii once but the ps3 never

A survey a month ago showed a 54 Percent Xbox 360 Failure Rate Claim.

I heard Microsoft responded by saying its caused by overheating inside the system and “new ones don’t suffer as badly from RROD” (which could be bs, who knows).

They recommended that instead of turning off the system when you’re done, goto the dashboard to let the xbox cool off before turning off the system.

Having a small fan nearby constantly cooling the system wouldn’t hurt either, those suckers get hot.

Lots of tutorials online if it’s the 3 rings, RROD. The ‘xclamps’ that hold down the heatsink to the CPU, break and the unit overheats. You can fix it properly for very cheap yourself. If you want to practice, grab a pawn shop 360 or a friends broken unit first. The hardest part is probably the initial deconstruction of the unit. It takes time. I havn’t ever done a full tear-down of one of these, just far enough to get the DVD drive out, still time consuming.

Good luck, try ebay for new clips/kits


Well this is the second time this has happened.  After about a year since purchasing the X-Box I got the Ring of Death.  I phone Microsoft and ended up having to send the X-Box to them it took approx 6-8 weeks to get it back and now a year later and I get the ring again.  Now because it is not under warranty anymore I will have to pay to have everything fixed, at least that was my understanding from the last time I had talked to them.  If I can get it fixed here in town I would much rather do that.
When I purchased the X-Box I also purchased a fan which is attached to the back on the system to avoid overheating, looks like that did a lot of good  :neutral_face:

If there’s one debate on the internet that’s even more crazy than the Mac-PC flame wars, it’s the Red Ring Causes flame wars. 

Your Red Ring may not be caused by overheating.  Check out the wikipedia page:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_t … l_problems

I’ve fixed a lot of Xbox 360’s and this fan seems like it would do a world of good to keep your system cool and running well.

gamestuff.ca/whisper-max-fan … p-167.html

Regardless of how much external cooling you add to the unit, the cpu will overheat if the clamp that holds the heatsink to it is broken. It’s a nice thought to add more cooling, but if the main cooling source fails, you’re done.

A heatsink is like the coolant in your engine, drawing heat away from the source. Adding more fans won’t cool the coolant if it isn’t there to be cooled.

I agree, but what I meant is after the fix add that fan and you should be good.