I’m reading all my various news sites this morning and stumble over this originally on  on CBC but then the Vancouver Sun gets more detail-

“BRANDON, Man. - Thirty-six passengers of a Greyhound bus travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg Wednesday night watched in horror as a fellow passenger reportedly stabbed another man sleeping next to him, eventually decapitating him and waving the man’s severed head.” … 563d16ec9f

Words fail me right now…

What a nightmare…horrible!!! :astonished:

I merged these threads as they’re dealing with the same terrible event.  Unbelievable!!

This story is also now running on CNN.

Oh my goodness!

The poor little soul who had to witness such a thing. It is unfortunate for adults as well but a child?

ohh my god…!! just soo much deadliest creature the person was…the person who did ths must me a mental sickk.!! :angry: :angry:
jusst damm!! f**cker…
never heard a thing like this in my life…

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The person who did this is mentally sick, getting his head examined right now.
No other explanation unles you want to get all Biblical and start claiming possession by demons or something…

If you want sick/depraved/contemptible PETA was trying to run an ad using this incident:

PORTAGE LA PRAIRIE, Man. — An animal rights group has tried – and failed – to run a newspaper ad comparing the beheading of a passenger on a Greyhound bus last week to the treatment of animals by the meat industry.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, said on its website it would run the ad in the Portage la Prairie Daily Graphic.

However, city editor Tara Seel said the newspaper had no intention of running the ad, which uses imagery of “an innocent victim’s throatâ€

It’s not the first time that PETA has used deplorable tactics to get their message across. They had a similar marketing campaign involving pigs with a woman’s smile around the time the Pickton Farm was discovered. It’s a shame that they seem to think it’s okay to use these horrific incidents to further their cause.

And if you want irony, Greyhound had to cancel an ad that was about to run with the theme "leave your car at home, you never heard of ‘bus rage’ "…

Well you knew this was coming: … otest.html

Westboro Baptists will protest at the funeral.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Very cool video, Eso! :sunglasses:  That took a lot of planning:-)