WTF? Electronic Curse?

I don’t know WTF is going on in this town.
For the last month, all the long distance wireless stuff has got slower and slower…
Doesn’t matter 2.4 GHz or 5.8GHz, to what transmitter, or to what backbone.
Pings that used to take 2 or 3 ms now take over 400 ms, sometimes 2500 ms, then they work beautifully for a short while…

Even if I snitch the neighbor’s signal… their Telus DSL sucks too… like there’s some Stephen King “Fog” messing everything up!

Pigs set up a new microwave dish? High end shortwave radios can bleed in too. gotta be something high frequency, see any new antennas in town?

That’s weird, herbie! :confused:
I’ll be curious to hear if you sort out this connectivity anomaly.

How about this: the Youth Center on the rez would open up every day and system A would crash within 1/2 an hour. Open wireless visible to 1/2 the place… OFF.
Everything great, then another one on.
So now everyone is off except businesses and people I know have NO KIDS. When they call, they will all share a 512KB chunk until the bandwidth manager gets here.
I have to do what Bell does, no choice. If you want to torrent here, buy a house in town and go on Telus. Eat that 4 year contract…

I really don’t get these “contracts” that people sign for service.

It’s like the company is admitting they have such a shitty product that they need to legally force you to stay. 

It’s to ‘capture’ the customers in a limited market. If you’re locked into Telus, you can’t simply walk away and move to Rogers.
Or in a small market like here, Telus installed the minimum they could for cell. Grabbed all the customers in the downtown and locked them into contracts.
Rogers will get here someday, and pick thru the scraps.

If they’re the ‘scraps’ I’ve encountered in the Internet business, they’re the ones who owe money to everyone else. In the dial-up days they’d switch providers every month until they were in collections with all four ISPs… no shit. MOST of them, not some.