WTF? Breathalyzers in schools? …

They’ve been in schools for decades, have they? Does that mean for decades the teachers were too dumb to tell you’re drunk or too chicken to do anything about it?
Specially in this shithole where dozens of kids have been turfed every year for being drunk, as long as I’ve lived here and I’ve never, ever heard of the school needing a breathalyzer to turf them. What a load !

If the kid is causing a disturbance send them to the principles office if it continues send them home. Why do you need a breathalyzer again? do they really need to justify sending the kid home beyond the fact they were a continued disturbance?

Getting a little sick of every time I see this town mentioned in the major press it’s for something incredibly stupid and assholic.
Mass murders, race riots, pervs, breathalyzers.