Writing from the sunny side of the street

The recent real estate numbers apparently can be interpreted in any number of ways, and despite the current state of plummeting sales(at least that is how the Northern View described the situation) the Daily News was able to find a glimmer of sunshine for would be real estate investors (and agents too we would imagine).

In Wednesday’s paper they provided the glass is half full interpretation of the BC Northern Real Estate figures released earlier this week. In addition to keeping the good thoughts for the market, the paper also previewed an upcoming real estate seminar to take place at the end of the month…

(from  the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire article atowncalledpodunk.blogspot.com/2 … 3998938710 )-

I did not think that the PRDN article RUPERT REAL ESTATE – HIT THE BOTTOM AND MOVIN’ ON UP was very credible at all. Sales drop by 50% compared to last year and the market is moving up? Only weeks ago the local Remax agency closed up shop after decades in business.

Local papers (not just here) seem to write articles on occasion about real estate that read like infomercials. That article seemed to be about touting an upcoming “seminar” by local realtors - hardly impartial commentators. I think that the event should have been handled by the advertising staff rather than a news reporter who is capable of writing serious articles.