Writing and proofreading service launched

25+ years of experience writing letters and preparing documents in government, at churches and for law firms - no job too small - from a 1 page resume to a 600 page manuscript - research projects - fact-checking - reasonable rates - I will meet your deadline - let’s discuss how I can be of help.

Darren Lowe - darrenlowe1222@gmail.com

“His work is in all respects excellent. Darren is an intelligent person who approaches his work with common sense and initiative. He is extremely diligent and efficient in everything he does and he produces a top quality product. He obviously takes great pride in what he does.” (further excerpts from reference letters at the bottom of this posting)

BACKGROUND (professional and volunteer)

Legal assistant at law firms in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and NWT
Chair of a provincial government advisory board
President of a BC political party
Director of public affairs for a church denomination
Secretary of community arts council and community centre committees
Secretary to a youth and young adults pastor
Candidate in federal and provincial elections
Treasurer of a neighbourhood house
Countless presentations before committees at all three levels of government
Nominated for Association of Neighbourhood Houses Good Neighbour Award
Award of Recognition from then BC Ministry of Youth
Award of Recognition from then City of Vancouver Health Department


Advertising copy - Auction advertisements such as for eBay – Bios - Blog posts - Book reports – Brochures - Business materials - Classified advertisements - Cover letters – Dissertations - Employment advertisements – Essays – Eulogies - Fact-checking - Family histories - Fiction manuscripts - Filling in forms – Flyers - Fundraising applications and proposals – Ghostwriting - Grant applications and proposals - Instruction sheets for employees - Letters to the editor, to government departments, to politicians, to anyone anywhere – Manuals - Marketing copy - Marriage vows – Menus - Minutes of meetings – Newsletters - News releases - Non-fiction manuscripts – Obituaries - Organizing all sorts of things including notes and research - Personal statements – Presentations - Press releases - Product reviews - Project proposals - Promotional copy - Proofreading virtually anything - Reference and recommendation letters - Research online practically any topic or issue of interest to you - Research papers – Resumes – Speeches - Term papers – Text portion of Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding campaigns - Theses - Website content - Wedding invitation wording.

Please note that I will not write papers for students but I am happy to assist students with organizing notes and research as well as proofreading and fact-checking. I also am not able to provide legal assistant services to anyone other than lawyers.


“… he excelled and impressed the staff with his excellent clerical and organization, writing and computer skills. …. makes him the most thoughtful and valuable partner I have ever had.”

“In fact, his work is the highest quality of any legal assistant that I have employed.”

“Darren has been an extremely competent, well-organized and conscientious employee and, without a doubt, has been the best assistant I have had in some 23 years in the legal profession.”

“I have found Darren to be completely dependable with regard to any task that is assigned to him. He can be completely relied upon to diarize matters and complete work within an appropriate time frame. … His ability to assist in drafting lengthy contracts and catch internal inconsistency, I personally have never seen in even very senior legal assistants.”

“I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Lowe performed all his duties with skill and diligence. Particularly noteworthy is the detailed and thorough approach he took to his work. His organizational skills are excellent and his ability to marshal work for the lawyers exemplary.”

“Darren is a well-trained, competent, and diligent employee who brings very much a value-added approach to his work.”

“… counsel was always assured of perfection in the documents he prepared.”

“… he carefully proofreads his work – making suggestions in drafts that always turn out to be useful.”